Patience my friend... Patience!

5개월 전



I'm not a painter or illustrator [obviously] but I like to draw. Generally [any form of] art needs patience, even photography (yeah... even photography and in some cases, especially photography). But as a job, most of the time speed is more important than quality. As photography became more my profession than my hobby, I had to become faster at organizing and editing. Because generally I'm slow, sometimes I feel pressure on my self. I figured out drawing patiently, helps me deal with that pressure, even though when starting I want to get good results in few minutes, but I realize the whole point is being patient and draw in peace.

So the title is an advice for me, the key to peace and calm.

I draw this from a photo I took of my friend years ago. I used my galaxy Note 4 and Concept app for drawing this.

What do you do to become more calm and peaceful?

Any tips for making my drawings better?

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