Perspective #2 - 3d Street art

2년 전

Hey @dandays, as awesome as that street art is, they seem to be taking it to a 'whole new level' over here.

Check this out...


See what I'm getting at?

You might need to zoom in!

Here it is from a couple more angles...



I don't have a clue why they picked that topic. The store this is on the side of doesn't specialise in laundry, so that's a bit odd.

I must have been to this store a hundred times and never noticed this piece of art, but I do usually park around the other side. And although it doesn't stand out at a distance as well as painted street art, I thought it was a pretty cool concept.

It appears to be some sort of appropriately coloured clay, added to the surface of the brickwork.

Man, I can't get over that though, why laundry!?!

Oh well... if I ever find out, I'll let you know.

Until next time - Stay safe

~ Sivehead

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That’s pretty awesome and truly creative. I thought it was just fine with some shading at first, but it’s frickin’ 3D


Yup! And ya don't even need 3D glasses like at the cinema. Lol

Only the coolest thing I’ve seen today. That’s definitely not like any I’ve seen around here, that’s awesome! Good eye.

Eh, is it possible it’s a brand new piece or is it likely you’ve just never seen it? That’s as cool as the piece itself.

As for laundry, that’s a good one, I’ll put in my guess: The artist was listening to this Don Henley song in their earbuds.


It probably that I've just never seen it. I usually park at the front of the building, I'm closer to the door then and I'm lazy when it comes to loading shopping. I want to take it the shortest possible distance back to the car 😁