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Woooooow! This drawing is so amazing... Congratulations! :O


Thank you very much friend @maerod

Fantastic - love her lips and one eye.

Wow fantastic! I resteemed this, so you can reach more people and show them your amazing skills :) I follow as well :)


Thank you very much for your support and for your good words :D @yoganarchista

Real talent ... and so beauty

Great real drawing, @skangel22
Keep up the good work.


Gracias amigo ;) @mphil

Wow i like it a lot!

Great job!

that's incredible your so talented. Just as a tip. If you were to add a steemit logo or even your username to your art work you may receive bigger rewards. Steemit has had a lot of fraud take place with art work and people being rewarded for others pieces. It happened to me once even! check my page some time see how I do things. cause your work deserves more and with a little effort you can get there ;D

It's stunning!

Excelente trabajo, considera firmar tus obras, te felicito enormemente.


I'm sure you do, buddy. And thank you ;)

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