Wolf sketch "Minimalism" Pre-sculpting preparations

5년 전

Sculpting preparations 

 Today I decided to start a sculpt of a wolf. I started out with some play dough to get a bit familiar with the shapes I need to go after, to achieve that design. I was 3 hours making anything that was resemblance to a goat, mouse, dog, bat, but... a wolf.

 So I decided to do a little study on wolfs anatomy, and most important those planes I need to cut through to get the shape right for the face. Back to the sketchbook it is then...

in the mean time I know you will love this.

 I am going back to my sculpting play dough, then I will jump onto the clay model. Probably by tomorrow. hopefully I will have it complete by the end of the week.

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thank you all



After some sleep I started playing again with the play dough.

here is a Gif of that process, I think I understand a bit of the planes now. It took me more than I would like to admit. I had a dog since the age of 6 and I am at 37... How could would a could be, little I new

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Very interested to see where this takes you. Truly a great beginning! UPvote and follow!


Thank you so much for the support and motivation.

Brilliant, you are really good, teach me lol


:D thanks man!


Your welcome. credit where credit is due :)

oooh! I love the sketch!
I cannot wait to see the sculpture. Hopefully you are taking pics as you progress through the project :)


thank you