One sound

2년 전

Strange sounds......

There’s that sound again. Its been bothering me for sometime now. Why is it happening? What’s was behind it? And why does it only happen when I am in bed and almost at the verge of sleeping. I got up not before an hour ago. Searched the whole room that is besides my bedroom, but no, I did not find anything that could cause the sound. And the sound it self is very weird, Its almost like the sound of a cracking on the wood, but then again something is so assuring in the sound that it makes you sure that its not what you think it is. I thought it might be the bed that’s causing this weird sound or should I just say noise. But the bed in the other room is quite steady so there’s no point to think that it would cause that noise.

Okay that’s it. I can’t take it anymore, It’s got on my nerve already if not hours ago. I got up willing to go and check in the next room. The door was a bit open, but I remember closing the door when I last checked. Maybe the wind opened it slightly?? That’s plausible but it’s a very thick wooden door, the wind must have to be pretty strong. Not to mention the door kinda got jammed on me last time I closed it. Whatever!, I am not gonna let this bother me. I need to find the cause of that weird sound, or is it that door was making this weird noise?? It couldn’t have been since it was closed last time when I came for checking but the noise was already happening before.

Shaking my head in an attempt to remove the thought of that door making the noise I proceed in the next room. Electricity was gone that evening. The hotel manager claimed they had a generator for backup, but they didn't mention that it would only last for two hours. So I almost spent most of my time in the room without any electricity. The manager did say sorry when I complained and also sent me some candles. I didn't say anything more, realizing that its not going to change anything. I really wish I had charged my laptop. I needed to finish that article to send to my boss. Kevin really urged me on this. I mean that was the whole point of coming here. If I couldn't finish it by today what was my point coming to this rural place so far from the city. Not to mention it took me six hours on train just to reach this place. When my work was done on the field, I planned to spend the night here, since the earliest train was not before tomorrow morning. There weren't much hotels to choose from so I was almost bound to take this one. I wanted a single room, but they didn't have any empty other that the two in one. I didn't mind since the rent is still lower than what I expected.

But this noise, I couldnt get my beauty sleep because of it. As I move into the room, the sound almost fades away. Its was deliberately messing with me. The room was well lit even without any candles, The window was open and the moon was very bright outside. Is it a full moon?? Might be. The curtain on the window was flapping. As I move it to look outside, I felt a burst of wind on my face. No one is outside. The whole town looked dead from here.

Chrr, chrr. Ah that sound again. Did it just come from here? I think it’s coming from under the bed. The thought just sent a chill down on my spine. Why do I feel this way? It’s just a sound; there could be nothing under the bed. Im not a 12yr old . I should not be feeling like this.
But still I feel a bit shaky. My hands are shaking. Am I feeling scared to look under the bed? No, whatever it is, I need to look. I can’t let this feeling overrule me. I pulled the bed sheet up from the side. My line of sight was not covering much unless I sit down or bend downwards. My legs were shaking as the sound were coming a bit strongly now. This is not a sound of wood cracking that much is I am sure now. It has somewhat a sinister aura to it. I almost felt like running away. However, in spite of this overwhelming feeling, I decided to bend my knee to take a look.

With a racing heart I looked under the bed. It was very dark, I couldn't almost see anything. My eyes were glancing away trying to find something. And then it was fixed, fixed at a small dot like red light. But no, it’s not a single source of light but it was two. Very dim red light, but now that I look at it, it got a bit brighter. My eyes were fixed on both of these lights and they seem to move a bit. As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I could make out a small dark figure behind the light. It’s a creature, the dotted source of lights were nothing but its eyes. I was shivering heavily at this moment. I was trying to make sense of everything. Is it a cat?, a black cat? But It’s bigger than a cat and cats don’t have such red eyes. Its crimson red and the more I look at it, the brighter it becomes.
There I hear the sound again, it’s definitely coming from that creature. The sound is so overwhelming now that I cannot keep my head up anymore. Why is it making such noise? It gave my head swelling sensation . I felt a heavy load on my eyes that I just couldn't keep it open anymore. Slowly they begun to close on their own.

The next time I opened my eyes, it was morning already. As I slowly open my eyes, I realize that I was laying chest down to the floor right beside the bed. I must have lost my consciousness . I looked under the bed, nothing was there, no sign of anything. To this day I wonder what that creature was..... Or was I simply imagining things,
or was it the effect of the marijuana I smoked earlier?

....guitar inspired poetry
....african poem

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