Minimalist Creature Portraits by Delphine Cencig

4년 전

These pictures are made by Delphine Cencig and I love her style of manipulating her photos to turn her models into dolls, beasts, and goddesses. They are on the one hand bizarr and on the other hand so aesthetic that it's hard to turn away.


Disclaimer: I didn't make these photos, I don't own any rights to them, I decided to share them with you.

Let me know whats your favourit and leave a comment ;-)


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wow. perfectly captured images. nice :)


Thanks for your comment

I can't choose! They all have my attention! 😍


I think thats my favorite because it has some technical and cold look


I have to agree ... 💋

Great work and my Kryptonia account is @ianstevenson

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Scratching, clawing, and climbing out of this disturbing and twisted cavern of depravity.


nsfh - that is, not suitable for humans. dystopian crap from a clearly twisted mind reminiscent of the Podestas and Pizzagate. Thumbs downed this and happy to forgo the 15 SUP


Luckily tastes are different ;-)


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i like the black lady its just so simple but beautiful. Kryptonia: bojak_cates


I agree, looks very peacefull too

i interested in these body, nice pic , upvote for u from Kryptonia : ziggy

These are extremely talented, thank you for sharing. Reminds me of when I go clubbing with all the other mythical creatures...

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I took a look from kryptonia and what you think is moderately nsfw is very nsfw and disturbing for this old lady, so I did not complete the task.


I'm sorry to bother you. Thats the reason I marked it as slightly nsfw because it has only decent nudity and allways with an focus on art and not on porn. Thanks for your comment and I won't revoke the coins!


It's ok no trouble - I did not complete the task. I decided to come even with your warning :)

Wooww.. Unlimited creativity


Here style is really stunning!

Kryptonia ID @lynlene

  ·  4년 전

That's a lot of work in preparation and "construction" (in lack of a better word). Amazing results.

Kryptonia: poco_loco

  ·  4년 전

I like the blonde with the very long hair.

uvas23 from kryptonia, spreading some love

I like this one yet all of them are looks very nice. Kryptonia @reatimtim DQmXP6A6p9Q2uSjEr11NoTUvXbpXyQJEdk4xqrGGaLpp53n.png

woland76 on Kryptonia

i am in love with all the pictures.....kryptonia id @everdope


I'm with you

Wow nice pictures, its really good


Thank you

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Joel Aldrich

Nice pics! Kryptonia id @ludevielucero

kryptonia by @hokkaido


Glad you like it

they are nice photos, captured amazingly but I am just not very comfortable with the nudity theme, it's alright though. Maybe next time you might want to share photos with more modesty. 😊

Anyway, found this from Kryptonia.


Thanks for you nice comment but can you explain to my why the nudity makes you fell unconfortable? I'm mean it's no porn and you were warned by the way ;-)


Yeah, the warning was there but I got curious, especially because there is a warning and I kinda like arts.
Well, maybe it was because it shows so much skin but like I said it was alright, the photos were amazingly captured. And I don't regret visiting your post, thanks for sharing. 😊


You are welcome! Some times art is disturbing. But then it makes you also think about it ;-)


Great post! You've earned a 11.15% upvote from @dolphinbot

Nice pic. kryptonia id @duquejunalyn