Crypto Logo Art Challenge [Round 2: Ethereum Edition]

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The Crypto Art Challenge Continues!

As we gear up for the launch of The Creative Crypto Magazine (@creativecrypto) we're hosting some fun and creative crypto art challenges! To draw more into the conversation, we're building out a grassroots network via our Facebook Page and Twitter. Across all platforms - engagement towards crypto-based creativity has been amazing. It's been a lot of fun to build up an audience outside of Steemit and begin to reign in some internet-surfers back towards our hometown blockchain (Steem). With this ongoing series, we're calling all artists, graphic designers and craftspeople of the world.

In the spirit of crypto-creativity we ask that you -

Pick a famous artist (Picasso, Van Gogh, David Hockney, Michelangelo) whoever you want - or style (cubism, pointilism, bauhaus, deconstructivism, impressionism, etc.) and interpret the Ethereum logo into that style. Other components of the image (background, details, other elements) are completely up to your imagination.

Next up, Ethereum!

Download and use the image below to get started:


No worries Steemit Squad, Steem is coming too! Last week we kicked off Bitcoin. And now, we'll be working down the crypto foodchain. All the while we’ll be sharing your creations through twitter and facebook.

Crypto Art Challenge Guidelines

  • Create 1 image using the Ethereum logo (above)
  • Dimensions must be at least 1000px by 600px
  • Author a post explaining the art style or artist that you were inspired by
  • Use the hashtag #creativecrypto
  • Follow our magazine @creativecrypto! (Learn more, here.)
  • Share a link to your post + image in the comments by Wednesday, 10pm EST

The top 5 creations will receive 25% votes from @sndbox and be showcased on The Creative Crypto media outlets. All entries that follow the guidelines will receive a partial vote (1% - 5%) depending on number of entries. We'll be sharing these images all over our social media!

Looking for inspiration?

Take a look at the amazing submissions from our Bitcoin challenge last week:


Help us spread the word. Follow our Twitter and YouTube Channel too!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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do litecoin next!


Hey @donutboy! We promise to do Litecoin next Friday ;)

Stay tuned, we can't wait to see what folks come up with!


oh cool :]
I look forward to it!


Yeah can't wait for that too....
Well I haven't won before though :D,
@donutboy has been waiting for the litecoin logo Edition ;)
I know he's gonna win though
Anticpating your entry next week Friday :)


Yeah litecoin would be a great one though,
Hope you're joining the contest soon?@donutboy


thanks but not right now,
I already have my hands full!




I can make some concept sketches though.
sorry for disappointing you earlier.


Smiles....... No you didn't dear @donutboy
You're so humble...... 😘

I can make some concept sketches though

I so much believe you can
Cause I've started seeing your good, great and lovely Art works.

Hi, this is my entry for the Round 2. I really look forward to your appreciation.

How I make this work please visit this post:


Wow I love the concept here
This is marvelous


Thanks for the appreciation @jesse12

Hello there! @sndbox @creativecrypto here is my link and picture of my design no the Crypto Logo Art Challenge! hope you like it!



Such an awesome entry
Thumbs up bro
You did a great job here


Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it!...

Hello community! Here is my entry to the challenge:


I was inspired by the artist Aleksandr Rodchenko and the wraparound cover for Orator: Verse.


This looks great!


Thank you!

Hi! Was a great challenge last time. So I'm here again with my Ethereum entry.


For some reason, I'd like to have some pineapple!


Wow, this is deep. How long did you looked at it? :)
I'll take it as compliment. Thanks!


Loved the design, so yes! It is most probably because of the yellow and the Ethereum that resemble the spots on a pineapple.


Great, I love it...


Thank you, @heroldius! ^.^
I had a fun time drawing it! ^^

Hello! Here's my entry inspired by the Visual Designer Vasjen Katro:

Hi guys this is my entry for the Contest


And here is the link to my blog post about my design for the Ethereum logo contest

Another nice contest for all the talented steemians.This is a great opportunity for those who knows graphics designing. So lets not waste any time jump to grab the chance to win some SBD.Thanks to @sndnox sir for your huge support for the steemians.

Hello creative people, I want to show you my submission to this great context, thanks to @sndbox and @creativecrypto.

ethsndbox copy.png

And here you can see the full post :)


Great Concept! Really liked man...!


I like it! It looks like it could be a poster for a Ridley Scott movie.

this is my submission for Crypto Logo Art Challenge [Round 2: Ethereum Edition]

I like this kinds of contest. This kinds of contest will enrich steemit.Alao it's a good chance for all the steemians for showing their talent.@sndbox sir you are doing awesome job by supporting all the steemians through this kinds of contest.@upvoted and resteemed

Hello everyone

This is my entry to @sndbox and @creativecrypto contest " Crypto Logo Art Challenge [Round 2 Ethereum Edition]".


Geometric Abstraction of Ethereum

Link to post:

Hope you appreciate it...:)

Thank you!


wow,,,its looking awesome

i think you will be on top 5


thanks for appreciate me

I just can't miss these this time,
So an amazing contents @sndbox for ethereum thumbnail creation
Entry loading........... 80%


thanks you dear @yasmin
Pray for me, as if sndbox for Get respect

Hello it's my little entry of crypto logo challenging I hope you always enjoy my art post

This is my Ethereum Mobile for the contest :


All about the process in my post.

As always, great other entries, especially @katalinaooma Art Deco logo. All the success to all...

Awesome contest!

I really like your blog nice and touch

this is my participation in this challenge .. actually was ready from yesterday, I think I have posted here .. the internet forgot .. thanks @sndbox

First of all, thanks for make these kind of challenges, it is great to see all the art here on Steemit.

Inspired by Surrealism and Yayoi Kusama here it's my entry The Eyes of the Universe


This is another contest from sndbox to help and support all the great steemians, am very happy to see this, great initiative from you sir

I can’t wait the laptop and make some picture for this contest. Let me start on the log. Am going to win this compitition.

good contest

Greetings here I leave my participation, I hope your comments, was developed with vector program Inkscape.


That what I love from @sndbox. Always make my spirit burn to join this contest, i can’t wait the morning come to open my laptop and make some picture for this contest.

Went for a mock OBEY poster with this one.

This result with the ethereum logo is definitely inspired by its everyday applications.
dont forget.jpg

Ty @sndbox by Crypto Logo Art Challenge

My entry - Vincent van Gogh style'ish



Hello everyone, this is my entry in the contest, make the geometry of the cryptocurrency logo ethereum using the autucad inspired by the painting of the artist Leonardo Davinci Mona Lisa

a very creative and creative rebuild for all

Hello there! very nice @maemoo

Hey sndbox this is some great work you're doing for the whole community.. I'm sure there woul be some greats artist doing the challenge. Even i am not that good creating graphics i'll try it... cheers