Exploring & Discovering Art on Steemit [Guest Curator @paolobeneforti]

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Guest Curators highlight 5-10 posts that are then curated and upvoted by @sndbox. This initiative is designed to encourage incubator members as they explore strong and undervalued content across the blockchain ecosystem. [Additionally, 20% of the SBD rewards from this post are distributed to the curator(s). We would like to extend a warm welcome to our very first curator; Paolo Beneforti!]

Guest Curator: @paolobeneforti

Scouting Great Artists on Steem

Steem has a great Art Community, with artists from all around the world posting their artworks every day - and being rewarded for that!

Being an artist and making a living from it is hard: the Steem contents rewarding system plays an important role in the life of many artists - and maybe actually changed the rules about what being an artist means. This post is the first of a new curation service that @sndbox adds to its activity as incubator making thematic curation. The curator of this first post about Art on Steem is me, @paolobeneforti.

Peter Gric - @gric

Peter Gric is one of the artists on Steem I like more. His paintings are somehow surrealist and surely visionary and his technique is amazing. His style remember to me ancient painter like Bruguel and contemporary ones like Max Ernst as well. An example here:

180309 gric.png

@reinhard-schmid - Reinhard Schmid

Another talented artist is, in my opinion, Reinhard Schmid. His technique and his creativity are both astounding and his style browses between illustration, surrealism and irony. You can watch this "turbo-turtle accident" to see what I mean.

180309 schmid.png

@twirble - Dania

Twirble (Dania) is a danish painter I like very much too. Her paintings and drawings seem to belong to a realm of dark fairy tales - but I know this is a very restrictive definition, as you can see watchin this artwork

180309 twirble.png

@elewarne - Elewarne

Another artist I want to mention here is Elewarne. Her post-expressionist (sorry, another restrictive category) paintings have a great creativity and ability to communicate, as you can see in this painting:

180309 peter.png

@tomek.biniek.art - Tomek Biniek

The last artist I want to mention today is Tomek Biniek and his eerie - but also funny - digital paintings, made with a great technique. Look at this one

180309 Tomek.png

Thank You!

I left out of this selection a lot of great artists I met on Steem: my apologies! I promise to write more posts to mention all the Steemian artists I really like! :)

Guest Curator @paolobeneforti

A warm thank you to @sndbox's very first Guest Curator; @paolobeneforti. Paolo is a member of Sndbox's first Cohort! He’s an artist, writer, sculptor and painter based in Italy. Guest Curators highlight 5-10 posts that are then curated and upvoted by @sndbox. This initiative is designed to encourage incubator members as they explore strong and undervalued content across the blockchain ecosystem. [Additionally, 20% of the SBD rewards from this post are distributed to the curator(s).]


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thx @sndbox! I've been so happy to share my tastes and opinions - for what they are worth - to endorse some other artists.


Thanks to you Paolo for curating such a fascinating list of artists on Steem!

To be include in a list by such a great artist, along with these amazing artists, is a true honor to me; I cannot thank you enough this really made my day.


Your work is fantastic @twirble! :D


Thank you so much for the encouragement!


Congrats!! Deserved :D

Cordial thanks for including my work in this extraordinary collection!

Congratulations to all the people that make up the team of @sndbox people for the great work they are doing on the platform, without a doubt the incorporations of @paolobeneforti as a curator will be very beneficial for all the artists who are immersed in this great network Social.
I will be ready for the month of July, to see if I can join your team
I wish you all an excellent weekend

Tomek Biniek is here!!!

Man, thank you! I follow this artist from a long time ago! He is beyond amazing!

You have to check out his gallery here! http://www.tomekbiniek.com/

Thank you for sharing this with us!

You are curating art articles is very well @pablobeneforti. I really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for you and for @sndbox.

Hello @sndbox,

You have received up-vote from @steempeninsula account courtesy of @bob-elr and team.
Keep writing good post.

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This guest curator has done really well but I think he is more interested in artworks. I think a little bit of flexibility will be appreciated so the curation can cut across every faced of talent .


you are right, I selected just some painters: it is the only area where I have enough experience - and this was supposed to be a thematic curation! but I'm sure other guest curators will select valuable posts from many other areas!


That's true @sistem! Paolo is an artist :D

He's the first of many Guest Curators that will have their own unique subject of interest. Make sure to check out @sndbox-alpha as well, they curate rotating topics each month. Right now, it's Meetups and Philanthropy.

That's really great. Its always good to know that someone is trying to make Steemit a better place.
Congratulation @paolobeneforti, @gric, @reinhard-schmid, @twirble, @elewarne, @tomek.biniek.

I will upvote & resteem this post.

Beautiful work! The quality of content here is remarkable, and I love that this first post sets the bar so high! I’d love to ask--is there an application process for becoming a guest curator? I’m an artist/consultant creating on the steemit platform and I’ve recently started to try out being a curator for a few groups, including Curie. @Sndbox is one of my favorite initiatives as an artist interested in cross-sector partnering and in general I’d love to know more!

I really love the work of @twirble. This remind me of real painting I used to see as a kid. It's great that you are rewarding talents here.


Thank you. Checked your website; seems you are doing much more important work. I am humbled.


Thank you. I appreciate

great work @sndbox , keep it up

Wow.... I glad to see this creativity arts. Really that, @paolobeneforti
have a super power about artist.
Perfect shot...I appreciate and respect him core of my mind.
Thanks for the share

Everyone mentioned was worth the visit. For poems and raps check my page. Real lyricism. Not that mumble rap stuff. Congrats to the curated again. Keep it up.

Wow ... this is one of the most extraordinary things, of course you and your team need a lot of power to select this. hopefully I have the opportunity to join a community that is very appreciative of every creativity of steemians.
Success always create @sndbox and team.
best regards me: @jubagarang

Love this channel! I'd be honoured if you'd check out my latest post, I do an acrobatic sport and make videos, perhaps you might consider it a form of art as I do!

I like this project, I will resteemit..

Kreativitas seni yang sungguh luar biasa dan menakjubkan.

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It's amazing the curators, you support the artists, I am very grateful for your support, we will continue to work, thank you have shared

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the Steem.center wiki article about Art. Thanks and good luck again!

 Much of my art is about exploring that very question, and in that process of discovery whether it be through old books, crusty videos, or just observation of life and its physical principles the artwork and writings I produce are the culmination all of the unconscious and conscious concepts that ultimately lead us, every single individual, in their own experience towards understanding that they are ultimately a free and self-sovereign human being. 

Really i appreciate you.

congratulations for @paolobeneforti. you are crowned as the first curator of @sndbox .. and we hope you can also be a curator for us all here !!