A Scarry Night - photography by @sofi-m

4년 전
in art

Hello Steemians,

A couple of nights ago I had the opportunity to photograph another interesting sky from my window.

I have to admit that I felt somewhat uncomfortable with the sight, almost scared.

The sky was pierced by moonlight as it escaped the clouds. Magic




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Woww it looks like if moon is trying to tear itself out of the sky.

hmm . looks pretty scary like in horror movie, i bet i couldn't with stand that myself

so romantic photos...

i like them all!!!!!!!!!!

The sky looks sad

All the evil in the sky is being shown . Dark hours of the night

Scary and Beautiful. Like the land of a sorceress :)

weill useully i naver scare of night but this one is really scare

Wow those are some wonderful shots infact nice shots in the low light

Redefining scary shots wow :)

Κυρια μοθ ομορφη τωρα καταλαβαινω απο που εχει παρει το ταλεντο η κορη.... Πολυ ομορφες φωτο :-)