From Zero to Hero and to Zero again; the hardships of a sculptor by @sofi-m

4년 전
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Hello my dear Steemians

Being a sculptor that works mainly with natural clay and ceramics, I enjoy the "fluidity" of the matter as I sculpt it but I take the pains of its "rigidness" when I bake it in the kiln.

It takes weeks for me to finish a sculpture, because as clay dries it deforms and I need to wet it and adjust it day by day. I need to make sure that there is no air trapped in it. One single tiny bubble under high temperature it will cause the sculpture to explode. Weeks of work down the drain.


A client of mine ordered a ceramic sculpture that would resemble an ancient pot but at the same time be a modern one for her office. She is a doctor in Naxos, so something like that would very much match the décor. Neither I or her wanted to use the ceramic color clay so I suggested off-white.

I worked long on the pot because clay was heavy distorting my original design. When I had finally reached the result I wished for I let it dry out for a few weeks and then I placed in the kiln. Unfortunately...


ashes to ashes, dust to dust

I often cry when this happens. It's like if I am losing my "children". Fortunately that doesn't happen when it's an order!





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I often cry when this happens. It's like if I am losing my "children".

After working on a piece of art for weeks, I can only imagine the disheartening feeling. Hopefully the next one turns out well for you @sofi-m.


Thank you very much for the wish dear @lydon.sipe!

Sculpting is a great art, it makes use of the artist perspective, nice and cool pics too.


It is but also painfull! Thank you!


Nothing good comes easy, we have got to pay the price

Every job is great and needs perfections in its own !You do have a great passion buddy !

you made that interesting but you got the moment capture there make it again :)

hahah from zero to hero but you did really well there if you got that creativity it will not be that hard for you again for sure

well i think its so diffcult to do

Muy buen post, te sigo!! y tienes mi voto. Te invito a pasarte por mi blog

if the burning is not enough he broke friend, good post friends.

Καλημέρα… πολύ ωραίο άρθρο!!! Και πολύ ωραία δουλεία!

Incredible Results of a good handicraft my friend ..
I will upvote and resteem ..

Bummer! .. I love large scale ceramic sculpture .. Do you know the work of Peter Voulkos? He was a great artist on the west coast, his influence is rising I believe.


I had no idea but will definitely check out his work, I appreciate the hint! Thank you!

You are so talented my dear!

great art.


Thank you Anna mou!

Great art , You are talanted carry on.


Thank you so much!