Rainbow over the mud - photography by @sofi-m

4년 전
in art

Today as Ι stepped out of the clinic where my beloved is being hospitalized, I walked over a rainbow.

It was reflected on the wet asphalt and mud. I took it as a sign for hope despite all the darkness and despair associated with sickness and life emergency.


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Thank you very much 🌹🌹🌹

This fits my contest perfectly.


I am glad, thank you @kus-knee

Μaybe gasoline or motor oil.
I wish it is a sign for a quick recovery!


Most likely... Τhank you very much @nikoleondas!

Often God gives us signs in life. This may be one of them for you. I call them God moments where you just are in awe and your heart and tears say thank you. I will be in prayer for your beloved. There is a secular song called look to the rainbow. May you find encouragement today. Thanks for sharing my friend.


Thank you so much @enjoywithtroy, this is so kind of you. I believe in God and divine signs have often made their appearance to me and family especially before and during this crisis.

So sorry to read this, sending you strength...I have been in your position in the past. I know how hard it can be but just remember to eat and sleep regularly drink plenty of water and remember there will come an end to this hard time in the future. Just wanted to send my thoughts and support, plus I love your pic, stay positive ~upvoted


It makes me feel so much better to know that there are people like you around the world sending their positive thoughts. THANK YOU!

Shows you even after the bad , the good surrounds you


I surely hope so!

You are back. I lost you for some week/months. But now you are here.
I am sorry about your beloved being in sickness. That happens to many people over our lifetime. I pray for the best for your beloved.



Thank you very much @francisk, it helps me feel so much better to be here. 🌹

That's oil for sure i made this pattern once accidentally anyways i hope your beloved one get better soon :)


Definately oil, but also beautiful. Thank you!

It is indeed a cool capture !
Nice of you to notice it !

What a beautiful sign of hope.

Praying for your beloved.


Thank you very much @lydon.sipe, God bless you and your family...

This is the kind of content that keeps the community alive! Great post, will follow.


Thank you very much @spinx23, I appreciate it.


You are welcome :)

i become your fan