The Face of the Sky - original photography by @sofi-m

4년 전
in art

Hello everyone,

First of all I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support and kind messages. You people are awesome! Days go by much easier when you got friends with kindness.

Secondly, I want to share with you this photo I shot the night before my husband left this world. The photo is of average quality, but the subject is interesting especially for me. You see at the time I was searching for signs everywhere, signs of hope, anything that would make me believe that things would be alright.

I was talking to the sky day and night, until the sky spoke back to me.

That night the clouds formed a face in the sky; I think they formed the face of the sky.

27144671_1966406713623754_2067370682_o (2).jpg


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Hello @sofi-m

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Stunning shots!
I’m so sorry for your loss.
You are amazing and we are here for you.


This is very kind of you, thank you @geneeverett!

Deep words sorry for your lose even if he is left the world he still living in your heart forever and always as a photographer i appreciare your pictures really wonderful pictures
Im photographer feel free to take a look at my humble collection at my blog


Thank you @soufianechakrouf! Will do so!

It looks like a real face. Uh, the sky has a face. Awesome shot. Just amazing. How you noticed this view? But for you it has sad memories. I am very sory to hear about your husband...


Thank you very much @fortunee, I always like to observe the sky. Of course those days I was more observant...

Be patient is my friend this life is like a spinning wheel and make it a bitterness becomes an experience ..


You sound wise, I hope you are right. Thank you @rafka90!


Yes my friend the same

i am truly sorry for your loss i know it must have and still is hard for you, take hurt indeed it was a beautiful night.


Thank you very much for understanding @monjan <3

I'm sorry for your loss!! This is so sad!!


Beautyful photo the Sky look amazing


Realy Amazing art.. God Creator original beauty art, Re-steemed :)


Thank you very much for this @dilimunanzar!


My pleasure :)

feeling really sorry for the loss but we will always be here for you


You are very sweet @blazing, thank you!

i can feel the loss i know that feeling what it feels like


I am sorry you do @cityslicker but thank you for sharing this here.