Waiting for Sunrise - original sculpture by @sofi-m

4년 전
in art

Dear Steemians,

Today I want to show you one of my most recent clay sculptures that I haven't had the chance to present to you before, but I feel I connect with it more than ever. It represents my feelings exactly.

Waiting for Sunrise represents the emotional state where one awaits for something better, something good that as certain as it may be, it feels impossible to wait for it.

As if you are waiting for hope in a hopeless state.

For the sculpture I used natural clay of different colors






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Sometimes the waiting may be painful but we never lose hope. Our expectations will be fulfilled and God will reward our patience. Your sunrise is truly beautiful my lady @sofi-m . Καλή δύναμη


Σ ευχαριστω πολύ γλυκιά μου, να είσαι καλά!

I believe in waiting thuogh some waiting is orchestrated by demons but the bible says those who wait upon the lord shall renew their strenght.fast forward other verses ,the bible says as long as earth remain ,seed time and harvest shall never seize.looking at this it left for us to discern whether the waiting we experience is a process from God to fufil his promise or whether it is orchestrated by darkness and for us to stand againt it.thanks you so much ,you made me to think tactfully.


Thank you for your comment and for sharing your deep thoughts with me.

I love this piece of art. The clay is so awesome.

I just followed you!

I am going to be running a curated art project and think it would be great to get you involved as a featured artist of the week coming up. We're filling up quickly so please come take a look!


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Very nice photography, i love the angles. You really did a good job.
I have a poem for the sculpture
As I was crouched down on the chair for this shot trying to get the composition I wanted and the light I was hoping for, something occurred to me. This was one of those instances where I seriously debated whether I’d rather be down on the ground waiting for the moment when the light was perfect to capture a memorable image, or would I rather just be part of the scene, sitting on that bench watching the incredible colors of a Maine sunrise. The photographer in me obviously won the battle this time, but I still think about how nice it would have been just sitting there watching and enjoying. Thanks @sofi-m


Wonderful and so real..., I felt I was the one waiting for the perfect light - thank you @princesson.

one of the most beautiful post ever :)


That's very kind of you, thank you!

Our time is not God's time but his time is perfect


Nice thought!

That's awesome,clean & clear
&The reason behind it is such a positive attitude.hats off to you
Regards @crafter


Thank you very much @crafter!

keep up the spirit, do not despair, the eyes of day will not leave you. he will slalu accompany your day, brighten your day, be prepared to pick him up, the morning sun. the statue you make is very nice, very interesting, i like.


Thank you very much for the encouragement @daniee!

Posts that attract friends, the statue is very nice ..


Thank you!


Yes my friend and thank you for apvote.

  ·  4년 전

Our only hope in such a hopeless state (as Greece is) can be our solidarity. Truly artistic original work, thanks for sharing συντροφισσα!


Thank you very much συντροφε @aagr ;)


Thank you!

to me its like art brilliant work no one could made such fine details on that


Thank you very much @starboye!

Excellent work done by you looks quite fascinating to watch


I am glad you liked it @cutiepie, thank you!

its so beautiful interesting this looks :)

I love clay works tho, didn't know there were different colors of clay... And the idea of waiting for sunrise is awesome too, nothing is truly impossible with God.