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🎨 is an inspiring site I recently visited. Though I still can't figure how digital images is protected by Ethereum blockchain and it's limited copies, I can find a great potential if this is true.

Below are some samples that you can buy through their website which is built as a conversation using drawings. As I can share it below how they are limited in anyone collection as the website claims. I would like an explanation as I'm really super interested in the concept and would like to try it myself by sharing some of my drawings.

@dadanyc @opheliafu May be you can help me with this post. Many thanks for your art :)


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Hello! Posts that may be useful for DADA FAQs:
and their medium blog:
You can't currently upload work to DADA - it is all drawn on their site and currently they are only selling a selection of work in the art gallery part of the site.

A couple of sites that may be of interest for uploading work are SuperRare and

Super Rare has a good explanation of crypto art:


@opheliafu Many thanks for all this info.. Which one do you use yourself for your art!


I sell on SuperRare


Hi @opheliafu , Did you try
There are good indication of activity and selling. However, it's slow when making an account. Any ideas?!


I may start on there, it took a while to hear back from them. There are artists using both knownorigin and SuperRare.

With this gallery that shows I understand why so much interest to this site, there are interesting works.


@anasuleidy would you try it?! let me know if you do

Just visited that site looks very interesting to me thanks for sharing about it :D


@blazing Great. let me know if you used it using the blockchain