3D art The Dragon and the Fairy

2년 전


This is the process of how I made this image. The idea started with an idea about a pose, and then built from there. Here's the very first quick sketch.


Developed further in Photoshop:


The finished 2D illustration, which took about 1 week:


Then I started with the 3D, in Maya. The whole 3D process took about 2 weeks.












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Awesome work!

Holy crap. The penny just dropped that this work (and your talent) has been featured in Ballistic Media books that I have had copies of for years!

So glad to have you in my feed everytime you post!

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It looks like she would be talking to the creature and saying: Don't you worry, I'm not going to hurt you. You're safe with me. The creature is not sure if she's serious and trustful so it keeps its dangerous posture but it will eventually relax and they will become friends :)

It's a realistic illustration. The girl's posture and body look natural and I like that there is something magical about her (of course it's the wings) :) I've also noticed her guardian friends flying above her watching the creature, ready to protect her :)

Thank you for sharing!

What a stunning concept. Beautiful illustration, @stahlberg! Thanks for sharing!

Fantastic artwork ! I have resteemed and upvoted it from my FineArtNow Project ! The Idea of this blog is to bring creative people and art enthusiasts together and to increase the reach of Steemit - Artists ! See you soon !

That is pretty cool. Since you now have her rendered in 3D does that mean you can re-pose her, or would you need to pretty much do it all again?


Thanks. Not this one, if you look at the first 3D image you see a badly deformed body, that's from when I posed her for this image, using my own original character. Even with a cut off head. :) After that I sculpted her to look better, which means she's no longer poseable, even in the limited way she was at first.

This is old work, today it's possible to create somewhat more poseable characters, but it probably wouldn't matter - with this level of extreme knee-bend, making it look real, and having it still possible to rotate it and have it look good at all angles, well I'm not sure it's possible yet. :)

Very beautiful 💗 thank you dear friend

awesome work👌
çok etkileyici, hem de ürkütücü..
kimse o kızın yerinde olmak istemezdi sanırım:)

Very, very likable! I like your approach to making illustrations :)
It is like MMA of Art :)
Actually, my point of view on creating art is kinda similar.
Here's present (couple more upvotes from bid bot) paid from @Dalz 's scholarship

So much detail in there. I still marvel at what is possible with computer art, but it needs a human to be creative with it.

Jaw. Dropped. Exquisite. Definitely reposted upvoted! Man, I would be honored if you considered posting this to Artopium.

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Thanks! sounds cool, I'm looking at it now, but I only have computer art so I can't sell anything :)

Very cool... I like this :) I hope you make more this arts :)

Amazing amazing amazing... thanks for showing us the process.

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Amazing artwork! Resteemed

Great modeling and sculptured :-)

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