my comic Android Blues page 123

2년 전


Next page of my comic, written and drawn by me.

"Hhhhhheeeeere's daddy!"


Thanks for watching

First page:

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Dang, she looks right pissed.

I must have missed the continuity point as I'm right confused now x_x but I have managed to miss a bit XD

Go the angry sunglasses lighting XD wonder how this is going to end for everyone :O

Uh oh, someone is gonna get hurt!!! 😕

Excellent details on her face. She really looks mad as hell! Well done, @stahlberg!!!

Oh yeah!!! story moving forward!
great art as usual @stahlberg ;)

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Have you ever tried to take a cleaver to the door?

Everyone be doing superhuman stuff here. lol


No, I haven't, have you? was it difficult?
anyway that door is probably hollow frame with 2 thin layers of veneer... :)


that door is probably hollow frame

Haha, that's probably true. And no, I can't say from experience about putting a cleaver to the door.