Steemit Adventure character art.

4년 전

Wanted to post one of the possible character sketches from my Steemit Adventure story. He has that smug self satisfied look. I notice often I just draw something and as I am working on it the idea of what its going to be comes to me.

Thanks for looking and if you want to check out more of this weeks art you can click the links below!
My what big claws you have!
What the fork is wrong with your face?
This is CHAOS!
steemit adventure logo.jpg

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Great work as always. Keep it up.


You did stop by! thanks a ton, glad you took a break.

i didnt realize you were doing a book. excited!


Its taking form as I work on it, sort of a comic/something exclusive to steemit. Thanks for looking btw :)

Nice work as always. This project is coming along nicely


Thanks again for showing me how to turn a link into its own custom text! you rock. I am also looking forward to more of your spotlight posts I think those are going to get even more popular.


My pleasure.
I hope so. Let me know of any great digital artists you come across

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Wow, this is really well done. You could be a character designer anytime you want basically.

This is such an interesting project you got going on. Color me curious. Keep it up!


You rock for checking it out!

I'll give this a likes-up even though it hurts my power levels :D


Thank you! and you were first to meme in one of my posts!!