My ArtVenture: Acrylic painting "Plastic ocean"

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Hello my dear Steemians,

Summer is outdoor time and of course the waterside such as coast, channel and beach are very popular and beloved by us human. When we decide to spend time at water we would like to stay few hours and of course to have a nice picnic, but as it is very human sometimes we tend to leave our garbage just there where we had picnic or as young people if they spend night at shore they leave such rubbish like bottles and cans.

As artist we have our weapons: Canvas, colours, brushes and palette knives, these all make it possible to create, to call for Help!

That is why I decided to dedicate my painting today to that very topic, the disaster we are producing with our egoistic attitude.

"Plastic ocean" by @Stef1


"The plastic planet"

I knew about plastic ending up in our rivers, channels but it was not clear for me how much plastic now everywhere, from Cornish beaches, to uninhabited Pacific islands. It is even being found trapped in Arctic ice.

When we think about the birth of life on Earth, it was only due to water on our planet, that made it possible for us to live.

It is very sarcastic but now we are poisoning that source of life by dumping our garbage in it.

According "Greenpeace" about 12 millions of all sort of plastic ends up yearly in our water, it is like a truck full of garbage a minute.

This is very human when we think if I do not know about or do not see then it does not exist, so we ignore it.

But have you heard recent news where after the checking even drinking water in plastic bottle it was discovered that even there you find small micro-plastic, very fancy name but that made me shocked.

It is a disaster that is there so we have to clean our rubbish ourselves, my friends. I saw recently a web site that is called

Plastic Whale sourse:

Plastic Whale is the first professional plastic fishing company in the world, grounded in Amsterdam, NE
One of the project was to clean Amsterdam channels plastic-free. From the first load of plastic they build up a boat that has a shape of whale, that was really cool!

Another thing that motivated me, while walking at sea-side I saw a boy who was trying to fish out few plastic bottles floating at the shore. I was really impressed that such a young boy was a his heart a "Greenpeacer" When I asked why he is fishing out the bottle, he told me:

"I am looking for a bottle-post"

That made me laugh, but even with such reason I was satisfied, if people fishing out plastic that is the main aim and no matter what the reason behind it.

My ArtVenture: Acrylic painting "Plastic ocean"

My step-by-step process and materials:

Acrylic textured paper 30.5x40.5 cm, paper weight 260 gsm, acrylic colors, palette knives, flat and round brushes.

Little Sketch:


First the easiest part sky and horizon:


More intense colours for figure and rocks


Now the rest with my colours and brushes:



I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)

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Good topic and amazing work in the piece itself! It's nice how your strokes bring so much movement to the composition. Well done!


Thank you for reading, really appreciate your opinion and support ;)

Wow..very coolDQmQp47cM8T23YABaeJpX684xJmgEqcSk4PR21g95HgzbSQ.gif


Thank you, I am glad you like my post :)


You are welcome,,😊

Great article and phenomenal artwork! Well done! 😄


Thank you for your nice comment I am glad to know that you like my topic and painting :)


You're welcome.

Very nice drawing. Good luck to you and Love.

Очень красивый рисунок. Удачи Вам и Любви.

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What an amazing artist you are.. I loved your strokes.. The intense colors.. And this is definitely a matter of concern..i have been reading articles about it.. How everyday tons and tons of plastics are found which is also affecting the marine life! It's the future we must be worried about.. And so the kids..!!

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Thank you @itraverarts for stopping by and for your nice words about my art. I am glad to hear that the matter of current environmental situation worries you too.

beautiful ! i love this, @stef1 !!! the composition is so nice, with the boy at the center, trying to fish out plastic bits out of the ocean... and the waters are so nicely painted, also <3


Thank you for your nice comments about the painting, I am always glad to see you in my blog :)

Nice movement in this one.

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Yes we have abused the natural resources and damaged earth. Oceans are dying because of plastic and chemical waste. and we have to clean our own rubbish. Great composition of the boy fishing out a plastic bottle !