Freeform Stone Series: "Given to Grace"

4년 전

Given to Grace (1).jpg

This is another one of those projects that emerged after a long season of illness. Way too many years of fibromyalgia and being stuck, in pain, not being able to move much. Meanwhile, I wanted to sculpt and dance. So this piece is really about taking something heavy and weighed down and making it fly with life. Once on the other side of pain, freedom is a very rich and treasured thing.

Alabaster, 31" high and 120 lbs (not including granite base)

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That was a very bitter experience but you made something so beautiful out of it. Pure art.


Thank you! Yes, it was a hard thing. I'm glad to be out the other side. And, I continue to dance and do things I could not do before. Thanks for stopping by and appreciating!

Greetings fellow homesteader.

There are now over 300 of us on steemit. You might have seen if you follow me that I am visiting everyone on the list I maintain to see who is still active and who isn't.

Do check out the latest list - there might be another homesteader near you also on steemit :


Hello! I regret that I have been AWOL in Steemit for the last few weeks. That is not my normal habit at all. I can understand if it seems that I have been inactive. Regardless, I am still interested in this theme and possibly connecting further with other local homesteaders. Thanks for checking in!