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Morning Juices

Coffee to inspire the caressing flow of ink to paper; placing ephemeral visions of the mind”s eye on sheets of paper.
The warmth of the bitter brew softened by the slight touch of cream enters the mouth but warms the soul like the embrace from an old friend; relaxing and comforting, setting the mood To Be You.

(just some words inspired by this pic I took.)

+++ @streetstyle

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A very inspiring and artistic morning.

Buen dia amigo,feliz fin de semana,saludos y espero realice un buen dibujo

Maybe do some oil painting Sir @streetstyle :D


I wish I had the time and the place @cryptopie maybe someday I will try it. I did a little water color painting in high school but that's it. So for now, when I can, I do try to just draw on paper or sometimes do digital art. Sadly I really haven't done much of either lately but I am getting that bug to do some artwork. We'll see. Take care bud.

Que bueno, con un buen cafe y una cerveza, inspiración a millón, ya veremos el resultado del dibujo, saludos amigo @streetstyle!

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Gracias @edmundocentenor y si cierto de un cafe para estimular el cerebro... Saludos.

Eye is the gate of Vision

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Truly very poetic words. I like the eyes on someone's body parts because the eyes cannot lie.


Thank you @elianaelisma And yes the eyes say more than the lips.

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Those eyes that look at me.
They won't see me again ...
Hear good art to inspire. :-)