My Art: Sketch of @sweetsssj!

3년 전

Hi, Steemit community! How are you?

Im glad to introduce to you, guys, one of my latest art's:

...She is sweetest girl of the Steemit:
Gorgeous beauty from China, which knows everything about cooking, style and travels: @sweetsssj!
She has more than 500 followers - and this is not surprising. Her posts always very interesting, professional and ...just cute! Like she is :)

Hope you like it! Please, leave your comments...

Sketch as always I drew by only two pencils (KOH-I-NOOR HARDMUTH 1500 2B and 2H).

Thanks for all who enter into my post. Good luck for all of you, guys, and sorry for my English.

If you like my arts, dont forget to FOLLOW me or Resteem! :)

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wow, Your art is very cool :)


Thanks a lot!

Very good drawing ..I dont need more I am convinced so I followed you!


thanks, @cynetic, I will follow you too :)

I think @sweetsssj will be very glad ;)

It was amazing art. I like it :)