The very first 3D drawing

2년 전

Hi all!
It's @djynn here writing for @super-em.
It's been a while since the last post and it's been too long since I did some art with @super-em.
I know, I know... I should be doing more art with her.
I will try ;)

Today, I was looking for something and then ended up watching bunch of tutorials on youtube.
I found an easy 3D drawing tutorial so I decided to give it a try and noticed @super-em was sitting beside me copying what I was doing.

Here she is drawing...
A little shark fin with eyes in it...


I replayed the tutorial a couple of times and gave her some advice.
She added some shading and used an eraser to create light.
She drew so many!
Can you tell what it is?


Monster under the sheet!
@super-em didn't quite know what she was drawing until I asked her to pretend to lift the sheet for photos LOL.


Check out my Monster under the sheet as well!

Thanks for visiting!


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Thank you!

upvoting it because I do love your quircky process and art style. I also love how cartoonish this is. Yay!


Thank you so much!


You are very much welcome dear

Wow, this is also too great! I think that I must try it out when I have free time.
Great job @super-em, don't forget to try every drawing your mom and sis does :P


@super-em said thank you!
The tutorial was very easy to follow. You should try it someday :)

Wow, cool monster! Nice job @super-em!


@super-em said thank you!
She is happy to see bunch of comments here!

It is good! I think there is more technology than me.


Thanks for the support ;)

Great work @super-em! It really looks like you are lifting the sheet. Love it! Hugs! : )


Thank you kindly.
@super-em was so happy to see so many comments!