Divine Hand or No Divine Hand

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Our journey really IS to live up to ourselves. That means in any given situation, when presented with a choice, choose what you know is right – live up. If you don’t know what is right, enter the quiet of your heart/mind and ask for help. Wait until you have settled it inside.

We all play a role, we undergo conditioning, we walk a unique path and we look at the world from a perspective that is ours alone. We live our moments and lifetimes in our own understanding. Bless every one of us who seeks peace and an end to suffering. I want love to be here. May we all do our best to open the door to truth and to love.

Some of us seemingly were born to question – not being satisfied by answers from our culture or religion. I’m one of those who really wanted to experience God and to know – why are things the way they are – what’s really going on. As a child I heard Bible stories, and they took hold of my imagination, especially the last book. Today, from my perspective, it appears that a good deal of what’s going on in the world is related to that book, and it might help to talk about it.


Long ago someone wrote down what he had envisioned would happen in the future. It was a far out tale with a lot of weird symbolism: beasts and dragons and a great whore, creatures with many heads and four horsemen. The foundation of the story was that God had chosen a people to put to the test. They had to be obedient to him and after they had gone through all kinds of hell he would come back and take them to a heavenly place. He would also destroy an awful lot of bad people in the process. This is as I remember it.

That story was spiritual food for many millions of people making choices now – so much so that there are millions of people bringing Armageddon into reality in their own way. With that in mind, here is a question: what would be the best action if one were to transform, transcend or create a higher outcome for the story. I’ll put it another way: Can deception be uncovered without conflict and destruction ensuing?

To my mind, from my perspective, a political force has pulled off a deception and usurped the Armageddon story. The force that took the story is self-chosen, and how they did it is recorded history. The thing about Bible prophesy or any sacred prophesy, in my view, is that one wouldn’t read the prophesy and then go out and try to make it happen, one would live it from the pure heart, unknowingly or unintentionally, and maybe or maybe not realize later that it happened.

From my recollection, Elijah was supposed to come, and the Messiah also before entry into that promised land, and I don’t recall reading that people living there were driven out or penned up. We can see this – it’s pretty clear – yet the preachers seem to have found a way around it. The push continues, among those in powerful positions, to bring the Armageddon story to us, and the preachers are nodding their heads in approval.

Why would anyone intentionally bring on the Armageddon? I don’t know – I can’t imagine it and will not try. Why would someone not question more? There are many reasons, with the strongest being belief that supporting this will lead to being lifted up out of destruction and into heaven on earth by the Messiah.

Apparently the belief is that to get it all done a certain temple needs to be rebuilt, and then the Messiah will come and 144,000 people will ascend. They haven’t asked questions about whether the way this is being done constitutes ‘acting out a role’ and deceptively using a prophetic story to profit oneself.

The 144,000

What about the 144,000 – who are they? They’re in the story as the ones who are blameless; pillars of light, they don’t lie. They are also virgins. They are redeemed from the earth, which as a child I took to mean they didn’t die in the punishment but they rose up out of it before the end came. I wanted to be one of them, and was afraid I wouldn’t qualify for one reason or another. There was also an antichrist in the story who came along to fool a lot of people, so I was also concerned about being tricked by that.

It’s worth mention that more than a few groups today believe that the 144,000 prophesy refers to themselves. One can hear politicians and military generals, responsible for so much suffering and death, talking about being lifted up in the rapture. And we do hear within the new age groupings some who suggest ‘we’re the ones’ because we’re experiencing ascension into 5D.

I don’t intend to put down anyone’s beliefs or religion – beliefs have validity in our journey to live up to ourselves. Time will tell and life itself will tell, and especially our heart-centered consciousness will show us how the stories unfold. I would love to look upon the 144,000 – to be in that joy. Don’t we all have a yearning to experience what is holy and pure? Don’t we all want heaven to come to earth?

Try as I might, I can’t imagine 144,000 pillars of light emerging from a fraudulent use of Biblical prophesy and exploitation of the beliefs of millions.

Truth Does Matter

If people were to look toward the Middle East and stop believing that what they are seeing is prophesy unfolding would it make a difference? If they truly understood that this is a plan of men, unfolding at a time chosen by a few – no mystery or divine hand involved - and we can change it - would that help us bring more of heaven to the earth? Could we stop this fighting? Could we bring to an end these wars of greed and control?

Hold no anger against anyone caught in deception – this is an old story and how we understand it will likely change and expand. We have to consider many things within our hearts and temper truth with love.

Article written by Ida Lawrence @talk2momz.com

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Ida, I loved this! Voted, replied and resteemed! Thank you mom!

With that in mind, here is a question: what would be the best action if one were to transform, transcend or create a higher outcome for the story. I’ll put it another way: Can deception be uncovered without conflict and destruction ensuing?

I am THE APOSTATE. I aim at conflict and destruction...of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of Jehovah's Witnesses. Read my Book: Cracks in the Walls of the Watchtower ... and if you find it valuable, please share!