"Artist's Eye" - Collaboration with @everlove

3년 전

After downloading the image @everlove posted here: https://steemit.com/art/@everlove/artist-s-eye-your-invitation-to-collaborate-whatever-your-expression-bring-it-on

I took an image of my daughters eye from years ago and superimposed it within the original artwork, the inverted the image and made varitions of the image using various curve balances to achieve somewhat of an Andy Warhol type of effect.

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Very cool!
I'm planning on jumping in with a collaboration too! I just haven't figured out what I'm doing yet. LOL


Don't you love it how you do't have to know, it just happens!

I'm so in love with this piece!!

Oh my, these are ALL awesome. I think the top and bottom left are my favs, but the compilation of them all together is spectacular. I love it that you let us enjoy all your versions, each one with their own beauty. I also love that you shared your process. A little insight into the final come is fun to know. Resteemed and put in chat. Thank you for playing with us @thedrollyears!