Inktober- Día 8 / Frail cup | Steps of its elaboration 🎨.


CIMG1970 1.JPG

I confess that I do not like alcoholic beverages, in Venezuela as in other latitudes drinking alcohol for some reason is a common behavior, for my part I only drink a glass of cider or wine to toast for the beginning of the new year, but as I mentioned that only I take one to share with family and friends.

If I dare to have more than one drink, I can drop it hahaha, and the testimonies of people like the cup is something that is fragile.

Below I show you a photographic sequence of its preparation.


Image 1


Image 2


Image 3

To make this painting, use the following materials and tools:

Materials and tools.
A piece of cardboard.
Black pen.
Black Watercolor

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