Composing and singing!

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As at Saturday 28th July morning, there was no inspiration for the responsorial psalm I was to sing on Sunday 29th July morning at St. John's Catholic Church, Mararaba (my parish)

soprano vocalist @trendyevents

By the time we were returning from the wedding of my course mates which took place at Gwarimpa, after the joy of meeting those with whom I graduated 10 years ago, I got a beautiful inspiration which I settled for.

lyrics of the psalm

In due time, I will need to go and learn how to score (put into staff, stave or solfa notes) what I compose so that they don't get lost. I've lost so many because I wasn't able to score them.

doing what I love to do

The space in my phone got filled up and the third verse didn't record.

makeup by @trendyevents

Simon Adejoh, keyboardist

Do you love music?

Do you compose some songs?

Constructive criticism, corrections and comments are welcome

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I'm so excited. Thanks dear.