Portrait of a Woman

8개월 전

Hello there!
I've been working on it this painting for long time. Just stoped it. It's actually almost done. But,I don't know, do I keep it up or it's enough, not sure about that, yet. Maybe I should start again in the right time that I feel it. Your Thoughts?

''Portait of a Woman'' 100x80cm Oil on Canvas by Tuncay Deniz

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Very beautiful portrait of a woman, @tuncaydeniz <3 The skin tone is beautiful and rich and I really like how you did the hair, so unusual! It catches my eyes immediately <3

Love how the blue of her dress is quite muted, also, it really brings the vivacity of her presence :) That definition and detailing around her eyes and lips are just w o n d e r f u l


Hello @veryspider ! Thank you so much.
Time spent on palette is more important to me, cuz if your right colors does not read on your palette, it's gonna be more difficult to use your color and brushes (also brushes should be right).

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