Harvest of Gibberish

6개월 전


Sometimes you can't find the words. Colored pencil on paper.

Just working on art to deal with my feelings lately; surreal; inexplicable work is sometimes the best for these times. Sorry if I do not have many words today; just taking solace in my own little strange world.

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I love your stuff so much, @twirble <3 They are just beautiful * ___ *

This one feels like I walked into a gentleman's club to order a harvest of gibberish <3 Very lovely~

I hope you are okay? I can relate with just wanting to withdraw into our own shells for a time...


Thank you so much for your support!!!

Beautiful artwork! Full of mysticism, melancholy, nostalgia... surrealism is one of my favorite things! Thank you for sharing!💙

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Thank you!

It is always good to have your own strange world. The real world is also strange, but not always strange in the right ways. Your art is strange in all the right ways for me :) Much love - Carl


Thank you so much!

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