Saying a lot in silence

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Hello friends

Today we see these heads.

IMG_9565 copia.jpg

All men, but in the middle a woman.

Some heads are of people who were important in her time and others anonymous, but she is always in the middle.

IMG_9567 copia.jpg

This one gives a lot to think about and is often said:
That behind a great man there is always a woman.

IMG_9568 copia.jpg

That's what they say, I don't know if it's true but there are muses and if a great man has the support of a great woman, everything will go smoothly and wonders will be created.

IMG_9564 copia.jpg

These heads are in the Bilbao museum of fine arts.

IMG_9563 copia.jpg

I am more impressed to see them and it is a work that does not need to be explained.

IMG_9561 copia.jpg

All silent and saying so much, without words just art

IMG_9559 copia.jpg

IMG_9555 copia.jpg

IMG_9553 copia.jpg

IMG_9552 copia.jpg

IMG_9551 copia.jpg

IMG_9550 copia.jpg

IMG_9549 copia.jpg

IMG_9548 copia.jpg

IMG_9573 copia.jpg

IMG_9571 copia.jpg

IMG_9569 copia.jpg

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