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Slowly I am becoming adjusted to the tedium of a 9-6 job, and finding the focus to do all the other things has been slightly difficult so I'm posting this from the laundromat where I'm waiting for my laundry to dry. Didn't mean too start this off with complaining anyway. I'm trying to get back into drawing more frequently so I'm putting together new compositions and hope I'll get to finish something. Here is a little detail ![image] ()
I also have done a candid sketch sort of drawing of one of my mom's friends.
image. I feel so tired..... So I'll leave you guys with that.when I get some proper rest I'll post more in-depth. and I'm hoping that by then I'll have a new concept or artwork to share with you. as always, thank you, those who follow me or these that stumbles across my post.. I encourage you to check out my posts history and consider following. Good night!😊

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Wish you a happy time on creation process @uv10

Looks great


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Thank you

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Thank you for promoting my post