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Hey guys and gals. What a week it has been for me. last week a very busy and stressful week on a job I've just started in. as I already suggested in my previous post, I found it hard to get back to regular posting. I have a lot to share, and I know there is someone in here that will be interested in reading.

I get the desire to write when I'm riding on the bus. but sadly my energy is at its peak when on the bus with nothing better to do, and when I let my thoughts run free. a few days ago I thought how horrible it must be to be a reclusive person with a high degree of intelligence. because you wouldn't have the chance to know how pompous you are since people have little chance to challenge your thoughts and criticize you. and when you avoid conflict to actively you end up building anxiety, anxiety that translates to resentment sometimes or that you instill resentment in other towards you.

Also, avoiding debates deprives you of an opportunity to learn or adjust your views, most importantly towards yourself.
intelligence is something that needs to be deployed in the real world. either by aiding your survival or proving useful to others (which is also a good thing for one's survival). I cannot estimate my intelligence if I lock myself from using it. I do feel that I give most of the mental resources that I can allocate to my day-job and that even though my work is not always purely creative (at times really repetitive)- stress is really squeezing out my cognitive energy. by the time I get home from work, I want little more than to relax. I just want to stop thinking so much.

But I still need something to entertain myself with or I'll feel uneasy when I go to bed. and more thoughts and anxieties would badger me. so here is one thing I've been fiddling with little at a time for the past month.
mechRender copy.jpg

I had the privilege of having one of my pencil sketches be rendered by an amazing artist on Steemit called @elohprojects. here's his site:
I've okayed the sketch to be used for a nifty project on the EOS platform called SFEOS. it is basically intended to become a space exploration MMO game with concepts from the cryptoverse being implemented as the gameplay (like a resource trade system, etc..). @chadrickm is leading this project that is in development.
I gave my sketch to have a game asset based on called a "mining drone". I later started 3D modeling the drone basing myself off of the render by @elohprojects. then, when my free time became limited I've just added more detail to it from time to time, not expecting it to reach to the finished game or anything of that sort. I'm allowing myself to show you a work in progress model of it. I didn't update @sfeos yet so I hope this post doesn't cause an issue. the rights on this model are limited and I would gladly give them away to sfeos to be used on the distributed platform.

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Looks really cool. I'm also waiting for SFEOS to come online. It has the potential of being an awesome game.

  ·  3년 전

I like the idea of it. I come to notice that a lot of people spend more energy and creativity in gaming than they do on an average day at work. So games might be the ultimate way to introduce new ideas.