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"Flower, gleam and glow,
Let your power shine,
Make the clock reverse,
Bring back what once was mine.

Heal what has been hurt,
Change the Fates' design,
Save what has been lost,
Bring back what once was mine…
…What once was mine "

~Rapunzel’s Healing Song,Tangled.


separador spring.png

The night before the Spring Equinox...

...A benevolent and elegant Witch called Primrose Evergarden, approaches every shy flower bud to sing to it and whispers sweet words in order to help it bloom through her magic. That way, every Eostre’s Festival , the Magic Forest where her Coven meets, is covered with thousands upon thousands of glowing and colorful flowers filled by the Joy of Spring...


However, sometimes her powerful magic also affects her dress and hat, and so those also get covered with sunflowers, roses and peonies… Which is something that her pretty and loyal Bunnyfly finds immensely funny.

separador spring.png

🌻Happy Start of Inktober, My Darlings (◕ ワ ◕✿)! 🌻

My Favorite Month, October is here!

I shall confess that I love October a lot due my Birthday being hidden on it xD… and because this turns to be the most magical month of the year. Not only for all the preparations done by all the souls who love Halloween and overall world of what is hidden but also due how many artists decide to participate with all their creativity on Inktober by using a whole range of incredible topics that go from the Official Prompt made by this dynamic’s creator, Magical Girl’s prompt, Monster prompts, or well, as the case between me and my beloved strawberry @Tesmoforia: Inktober of Witches!


Every year I have been trying to get part of Inktober from start to end, but for whatever reason, I give up or forget about the activity. University, Work, emergencies, health’s situations, etc.… had been some of the reasons pushing me away from having fun, and just archiving the challenge for another occasion… But not more! This year I really, really want to do those 31 days and I will let myself go with the flow of magic of every single Witch to be created. After all, hey, as one of my Teachers would say “Everything could be part of the Portfolio at the end!."

That’s how I breathed deep, put some lavender incense to ease my mind, put all the tools on the table and I prayed to the starts for the motivation, love and health to dedicate myself to this daily activity.


separador spring.png

So the first of those magical Ladies was a Seasonal Witch, with the freedom to choose the season we would like to work with. This turned into the first problem I had, like my face hitting a wall (◕︿◕✿)...

Where many see a lot of freedom to create, I turned into a mess because I wasn’t able to decide if I wanted to work with spring or winter, since both were filling my mind with ideas and concepts, and this evolved only into me erasing within 7 to 8 sketches. I was literally ready to throw the sketchbook out of my window (especial cause with this witch I was going to start a brand new sketchbook). This continued until I talked with @Tesmoforia about the situation that instead of encourage me, I was getting more and more disappointed of not being able to draw anything that would make me happy enough, and her advice was as simple as useful:

• • • "Don’t think, draw whatever comes first to your Mind."• • •

And even if at first I was drawing with bratty face, since I didn’t have a complete concept at the start, I noticed how with every stroke of the pencil I got more details in my mind to create a character just as fluently to breathe. Ideas started to bloom in my head, and Primrose Evergarden: The Spring Witch, was born in between all those improvised drafts.


Before I was able to notice it, I was facing another of my fears: Drawing flowers that are not roses from above perspective. And now, I was drawing a witch who was basically covered by them. I’m just as enchanted as surprised with the result (and I suddenly put more and more, because It came so easy and relaxing to me).

lineart 1.jpg

You know, I’m pretty sure everything turned satisfactory with the Lineart due all my prayers to the Cosmic Unicorns as I was inking and cleaning this piece. (◕д◕✿)

Collage sin título.jpg

Also, something I really love to use are different values to create volume or separate things like the dress, hat and other details in a more obviously manner. However I’m still fearing trying those with ink bottles and gouache in general, so for now I only used my loyal HB pencil to create the last touches ♥

• • • And the Final Result made me fall in love completely! • • •


separador spring.png

I know I’m terribly behind and all my drawings will be a little delayed to their right days, but I won’t surrender. Instead! Looking at this precious result I was able to get with my beloved spring witch inspires and motivates me on incredible and especial ways.

I’m imagining a complete Coven of OCs at the end of this Month and I just can jump on pure emotion! Which new Friends are we going to meet in this Magic Journey of Ink?

• • • 🌻 Let this New Adventure Begin! 🌻 • • •


🌸 Read You Soon! 💖🌸



Text, Drawing and Process’ Photos: @Vanuzza

Separator: Vector from Freepik, Small Edition by @Vanuzza

Gif: Giphy.com


• • • 🌸 All Rights Reserved • ♥ V A N U Z Z A ♥ 2018 🌸 • • •

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Wow this is an amazing post! This is a really beautiful witch and I love that golden you used in there, it fixs pretty nice :)

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Oh sweet potatoes! I'm so glad you like her, I was really afraid of use gold but couldn't resist to the tempting magic! ... Thank you so much for your comment, dear ! ! ! (◕7◕✿)
I hope you have a really happy and wonderful evening ♥

-crosses fingers and prays to the stars to get the curation chance- >u<;;;

I like that you said we shouldn't think but draw. This is my problem. I'm overthinking and not able to draw :) BUT then there are people like you who make me enjoy watching art. Thank you for sharing! Your witch is very nice and elegant :)


Overthinking is always one flaw of being an Artist ; - ; ... I tend t let many drawings and ideas out due that, but, to be honest I'm still in my way to learn to draw without stressing to much. It takes time, but try drawing daily a doodle perhaps? Don't think much, just draw for fun one stroke and see where it goes ♥

Thank you for commenting and your sweet words, deary! I'm glad you liked it ♥ >u<

So beautiful !! Love the step by step, very much ! Love the flowers and her little familiar on her shoulders <3 Wonderful drawing !


Thank you so much, sweet darling! It makes me really happy that you liked it that much!!
Those sweet words made my day so wonderful and motivate me a lot!
I hope you have the most wonderful and precious day ♥ (◕▽◕✿)