Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #180 'The Road Moon'

4년 전

'The Road Moon'

The very moment after the sunset. The sky is full of colour and the street lights were just turned on. This lighting combination, together with the low exposure guaranteeing the silhouetted horizon, creates a very special atmosphere belonging to a road movie in my mind. This is exactly how I would use colours and create the overall atmosphere of the night scenes if I was to shoot a road movie.

Road movies always carry a very deep and dear meaning to me. They are usually about adventure and freedom. They also promote the idea of taking whatever comes along and utilizing it as a source of fun and joy. Road movies should have happy endings. Not only because I dislike tragedies and big dramas but because any other ending only solidifies the human fear from freedom and works toward enslaving our minds within everyday concepts. The unhappy endings of road movies are forcing us to accept safety of daily drudgery and groom us to think 'inside the box'. Take for example "Easy Rider". It's a great film, a masterpiece of the end of the sixties. Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson are wonderfully portraying everything that freedom and adventure were ever meant to be about. Then the movie ends tragically, only for to make a point: "Hey, you cannot live free like this, because this is likely how you'll end".

The sun is already gone. The lamp is the bright shining beacon in this photograph, carrying the meaning through its wide orange aura. Did you notice the moon? :) The tiny little fellow is there on the left side. No matter how small, it brings out another level of value of this photograph. Also, notice the small bright dots that are to be found in the black silhouette of the horizon.

The colour scheme is very interesting. Several quite saturated colours in the sky, together with the lamp and its bright aura, work against the dark foreground. All the colours of the sky, apart from the dark blue, appear as if coming out of the colourful aura of the street light and end their transformation in the yellow of the just set sun.

Enjoy! :)

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OK, so Easy Rider does not have a happy ending.

How about "The Road" then? Would you say it has a happy ending?


awesome picture , look like the pole has a lamp in top.


Hey, Vincent, thx for stopping by. The Road I've seen just a couple days ago. Not sure I'd call it a classic road movie, it is more a metaphor of man's life and the survival of the fittest in dystopian surroundings. The father's only role is to make sure the son survives. He dies fulfilling that role, and the boy (allegedly) survives another day. It is very dark piece and there are no guarantees. After the film one can hope to expect only more struggle and suffering from life. So... the message is "Fight hard until you die, so others can do the same."Not sure I like what is implied by the message, although I generally like the film. :-)

Apart from being a pretty photo,with this lovely little moon peeping in the back - you really get the feeling of going out to an unknown road from that picture:
we have the bright, red and welcoming lamp close to us - emitting a well known and comfortable light and resembling home and known territories.
Looking farther and deeper into the photo we see black menacing silhouettes of an unknown territory, intimidating us from leaving our safe place.

But - and there are so many clues for it - we have no choice but to leave for the road, just like our eyes are almost forced to slide to the horizon by the series of electric poles dimming into the horizon - the road calls us and we yearn for the adventures and for the good things the future can bring us, so we overcome our fears - take power from our memories and contact to our beloved and known home and go out the road - we can notice that hope in the hopeful little moon glittering in the horizon, in the sparkles of white light of hope amidst the menacing dark future, and in the red warm light partially lighting the darker horizon.
the contact and power we feel to and take from our home is strongly implied by the red light in the horizon we mentioned in the hope part, that light is in a similar color to the lamp's - hence the power and contact to home. more strongly - there is that poles we also mentioned - keeping us connected to our home, our lamp of power and hope .

Thanks velimir - enjoyable post and photo!

Wow. Great photography and i like the whole yellow, orange and blue combinations. Its very nice.
I really liked the glow from the lamp. Did the glow happen as a result of dust and pollution, because i know dust creates a diffuse glow. From the pic, the severity of the orange colour can be correlated to amount of pollution, just what i can deduce from the pic. Haha
You know its a privilege to see this kind of street light which gives the real meaning to night time. The current worldwide trend is leaning towards replacing orange lamps with solid-state lighting like light-emitting diode lights. There are advantages for this new trend, but i like to see nature as it really is because these days now, we hardly know when it is dark because most cities are lit up with bright white light. These brighter nights disturb animals’ circadian rhythms (like the crickets noises which could be cool) and interfere with natural predator-prey relationships. :)
That road lamp or road moon invoked a beautiful image of a vibrant sunset. What a calm night it would be.
Thanks for a great post @velimir, great shot and colours were on point.

Me literally hooked your idea that through films about freedom (a road film - which is interpreted as freedom) you can influence the consciousness of people. Having seen the tragic end of a free life, people only strengthen stronger in their dogmas of faith. The belief that everyday routine and life in four walls is security.
In my opinion, life in the "four walls" is only an elusion of security, which they inspire us. But the main point is that it is enough to inspire such things to one or two people (not to mention the mass of people) as they will by their example, by their influence will prove it to the rest. Chain reaction:)
The photo was simply amazing. It's like a mixture of twilight and darkness, when the moon is already visible, and the sun has gone beyond the horizon, but at a fraction of a percent reminds oneself. The burning lantern is in the center of attention and sets the main tone of the picture. Great.
Thank you and good night :)

awesome post:)


Yup, i agree with you bro :) @stockhausen


Faboulus Photography! No words to explain the beauty of this phtograph

Good photo!

It is a glorious photograph. 2 really dynamic light sources really work well together to make a beauty.

The little lights remind me of a saying from my indigenous friends "One star is dusk, two stars is twilight, three stars is night."

Thank you my friend for another bit of beauty in my day.

Wow, this is an extremely valuable resource. It's obvious you put a massive amount of effort into this, and it shows. I especially like that it covers the whole topic and a variety of shooting conditions. And even when one does not shoot seascapes, most of the material and techniques are very relevant for any other sort of landscape.

It's obvious you put a massive amount of effort into this, and it shows. I especially like that it covers the whole topic and a variety of shooting conditions.

It's the combination of colors that captivates me. Looking at this kind of sky makes me wonder how something as beautiful as this can just appear there, with all these colors like somebody painted them. To witness this is one thing but to give justice to what you've seen is another. Cheers!

Wow, the road moon.
I just can't press back button without viewing the picture again and again..
Good post...

The sun is already gone. The lamp is the bright shining beacon in this photograph, carrying the meaning through its wide orange aura. Did you notice the moon? :) The tiny little fellow is there on the left side. No matter how small, it brings out another level of value of this photograph. Also, notice the small bright dots that are to be found in the black silhouette of the horizon.

This makes a lot of sense to me. The bright shining beacon from whose light comes the moon when the sun is gone at night, giving so much beauty to the streets for the love of night adventures. The small bright dots, how beautiful they have been placed, thereby giving the photograph a sense of life and fun. I love this post

The photograph gives me a positive aura even though it has a dark color, still, it represents cool photo in our eyes, giving a lot of mysteries about the photo itself and the one who captured it, leaving more questions to the audience, asking and telling to ourselves that I would really want to know more about this artist who got this photo. Nice and i really like it!!! good job my friend.

Great mood. Reminds me a little but my shoot of the Santa Monica Pier here in California.

Santa Monica Pier_Scholz-Michael_00311.jpg

At my first glance I thought it as the light of the lamp.Anyway it is a superb one


actualy it is! I didn't add the light there

yes. road light is most importance in my life.

Welcome the worlds best community !!!!

From now on you are on the green path to implement your kindness to everyone, hope you include the lucky people here.

Do not hesitate to share interesting and useful things. Good luck!!!

Greetings from me ** @abdelilahelm **

the horizon is nostalgic

really amazing click ..

gracias por la referencia, la veré :)

Great Photo! what a beautiful sunset.

a beautiful description of this wonderful view @velimir by the way road movies are frequently about escape, freedom and lawlessness especially american movies , so often european examples are journeys into the continent's.

Nice photographic work... Nice. You could check mine @ajadudraws comment and upvote pleassssse

Nice, excellent job!

Dance of the colors, great shot! congrats.

damned light pollution

Great photo!

great work Velimir :D

Aye sir, we always enjoy your projects and are ready to support. Good work

After sunset are usually a beautiful view. Looks like the pole is actually sitting on the pole.
The colour concept too is awesome

The pole is making a selfie with @velimir

very nice picture, I always look out for your posts, they are so informative.

really wonderful shot

  ·  4년 전

Beautiful content

thanks for your sharing ... what a great shot :) please keep it up!

That is really a very beautiful photo. It is totally thruth. I spend time looking at the sunset on the seashore of my small town and I have seen sun changing so much colours that you would not believe it.

Nice shot(s) I checked out some of your other posts as well...

I noticed most of your photos have a similar style. Are you post-editing them to achieve that? What camera are you using?

Nice composition

  ·  4년 전

Sve pohvale za članak!
Samo tako, samo naprid :)

Nice post :)

I'm proud of you, keep on working.
Not my intention to beg, but if you please please upvote my post as well. Nothing wrong if we support each other. I know if you are a good person and help each other: )
my support let me add the spirit :)
I wait your presence in my post :) @velimir


Very nice picture

Interesting I hope that here we can follow and share information of interest, very good post, congratulations.

All of your photos are really nice. I am hoping to get a following as nice as yours someday. At the rate I'm going, I calculate it will take 10,000 years. My dream is to share my photos with everyone. Someday hopefully. Keep up the good work!

very good there , the description of the place there reminds me of the one here, the places and everything
nice one there @velimir


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very cool

Photo of the day for me. :) very nice!

nice .. impressive, and I think my eyes will enjoy it.

wow the road-moon such a nice post

wow~~~The colors are so beautiful.

wow ... post that makes me lift amazed to you. How happy I am if you want to share a little voice to me, a high appreciation to you from me @emrija. thank you @velimir..

This image is really inspiring to me as a musician.

In life, beauty disappears. In art, no. I love art follow me @dan321

wow..that is a wonderful capture..excellent is the best word :)

Awesome click! Keep it up! 😉

nice photography.

crazy, amazing. :)

I want to imagine how more creative I one could possibly be.

nice photo

This is a great great photography, i lie it.
and also good your art, all the best dear....

i like it so much thanks for the post

excellent the combination of the sunset, the headlight on and the explanation that you express, very in agreement with avoiding endings that solidify the fear.

Great !! check this out... my friend made this..
share your opinion plz

Wonderful photograph @velimir :)

Thanks to share. More benefit to me as newbie


Very nice thank you keep steeming have a nice day

great. upvoted!


thanks your post!

Please watch my videos and you can make my dreams come true....!!!!


It's like a streetlight but to be honest it's not. Photographer used his logic to capture it and look like a street light.


no lol
it is the real streetlight. i didn't add that aura there! :D


Yupp i guessed correct it's not streetlight. By the way i really like it.

nice line bro, of cos I support your saying that we should try and use our motives in our postings rather than copying others , that's great. ride on

Wow, the road moon.
I just can't press back button without viewing the picture again and again..
Good post...

All of this is wonderful, what a good photo with golden particles spread all over the illuminated part of the photo. Great work!

great photo greetings!

Such a beautiful image, you nailed it thank you for sharing this beautiful click

I love the way the red sun is directly above the streetlight. The colour splash is also really amazing and yes i did notice the moon waiting for the sun to leave so he can take over and shine

The photo is awesome. This smooth blend of colors reminds me a colorful flower, the moon is like a flower in the sky. very beautiful and it attracts attention.

I agree with you bro...!

Dazzling picture @velimir

I only see the moon that becomes the object, even though the street light shines brightly

Nice picture

extraordinary photo very artistic I congratulate you I am a cartoonist and I am very passionate about artistic photography and I will follow you from now on and I will support you and hope you give me your cooperation greetings friend successful

Thats a grest shot, love how you captured the light.

Very nice ! Make sure to check my profile for upcoming photography :)

Wow very nice shot

Beautiful picture, this is my favorite moment of the day, I love going ou at that time and watching the sky, great that you captured it in such a beautiful way :)

nice photography...need creative mind for this....deep thinking...great work