Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #59 'Almost Romantic'

2년 전

The name of this art photograph is: 'Almost Romantic'

This image appears to be romantic but if you take a deeper look you will sense quite a bit of disturbance going on there. Where we expect to see wide soft areas we find creases and subconsciously it does provoke unease. To me, it's like as if someone received a beautiful postcard and then crumpled it after reading. The writing must've been somewhat unpleasing.

The clash of tones is present and almost as if dividing the image into two parts. The vanilla sky with a touch of pink and its reflection against the island and the dark green. The red corners close the composition and even it out colour balance-wise. This adds strength to the previous premise. The sun is opposed to the dark-green corner. I read it as the sad part of the soul, the place where it happened.

It is a double exposure done in-camera. I took fourteen of them and only this one came out right.


Does it raise any thoughts or feelings for you?

If you have a suitable wall for this art photograph - let me know. I love when my work fulfils its intended purpose. I plan to make no more than 7 copies in total but could also make only one. Prints are done on photo canvas. For further information drop me a note.

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Interesting idea!!!!

It really does look crumpled, it's hard to get those double exposures right as your number of attempts shows!

guau!!! is a beautiful images! Thank for sharing!
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You are a real artist - an amazing image :)
Keep Going Please ........

great work, my friend!

Really amazing.. Follow me n upvote my posts😊

Excelente post, muy interesante, gracias por compartirlo.

Saludos :)

Fantastic Photo and keep it up..!
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keep it up good going

Cool effect, I like the capture!
I am posting also about photography and my travels, check out my steem @dbeauhaire and follow!

it is as disturbing as peaceful , wonderful!