....and back again :)

9개월 전

Hello, hello~

I was away for a week and a bit and now I'm back :) ! Yay~ How is everyone doing? :D

It's really getting quite cold and windy and rainy in my neck of the woods! Autumn is truly here, and I am happy~ Hahaha~ Yep, I'm an autumn and winter sort of spider :D

Have you all seen Avengers Endgame yet? And are you all caught up in the latest Game of Thrones' episode???

... dont worry! I will not spoil anything in my blog! But I did see Endgame and I am all caught up with GoT and I'm just saying that April 2019 is pretty lit :D

Anyway, I had NO internets for the length of time that I was away and I also avoided drawing entirely so this is my first piccar since I have returned. I used the cheap fountain pen from DAISO and though it does make nice lines, this was the one that got kind of 'broken' because I took it with me into the aeroplanes and the cabin pressure made it leaky and today just as I had forgotten this problem, this pen reminded me of the annoying leakiness when I pulled my fingers off it, they are black and dirty :(

.... The girl doesn't care though ! She's happy as she is trying to dance to the music :D :D :D

Alright! I had a trying day at work today... I think coming back to work after a vacation is always rough to be honest XD... My inbox is exploding with unresolved tasks and so I spent the day working through clearing my emails. It's a pain > __ <

I hope the week will get better once I feel like I'm on top of my responsibilities again \o/

Step by Step

Step 1: Eyes

Step 2: Face

Step 3: Torso

Step 4: Hand

Step 5: Skirt

Step 6: Other arm, and music effect, and DONE~

Why must this pen leak so badly :( I really like how it makes lines~ Aaaaah~ ; __ ;

I am feeling a bit tired lately, too. Maybe I need to re-orient where I spend my time and efforts into, so if you notice a bit of a quieter spider, it's because I'm trying to reflect on what I really want to be doing and where my heart really is :) But, I'm still here, so worry not and if I can help with sommit, as usual, just let me know in the comments section below !

Finally, it is almost three months from where I delegated 200 SPs to @arrr and @sadheaven and I think they both have blossomed in that timeframe :) Good job, @arrr and @sadheaven! I will retract the SPs on 6 May 2019 and I will be looking for new joiners who are committed to grow like these two :D They can now, I believe, stand on their own feet, free from the shackles of Resource Credit constraints, without needing the delegations :D

Some updates!

@c-squared's art contest - we have deliberated over the entries and i am drafting the winners' post very soon! Thank you so much for you patience, everyone <3

@archdruid's contest - i will look through the entries as soon as i can and then will discuss with @elfranz, the dragon of awesome, and we will also announce the winners very soon... again, appreciate the patience~

That's it for this post~ :D :D :D

Steemit Art Class

Wanna join the arting bandwagon? :D All is welcome \o/

Check out @shibasaki's blog where he has published many watercolour videos, pick one and then create a post with your result :D Anyone can join in ! You don't HAVE to do them in watercolours if you don't have watercolours~ Do them in pencils, or inks, or pastels, or even digitally and then tag me with an @veryspider at your post and I'll give your post a shout out in my next article, for sure :D

I might try to do something further with this art class initiative in the future, but I need to pace myself as I've got this habit of taking too much on :3

See you next time, friends o/

Artists' Highlights with C2

On another note, please check out this article that I wrote for the @c-squared's Artists' Highlights a few days ago :) Please check it out! I am featuring TWO artists at a time, and the seventh pair is: @azbeen and @barbara-orenya :D


Issue 1: @Arrr and @thilah
Issue 2: @EdgarUVM and @Zsolt.Vidak
Issue 3: @chrisdyer and @sanderjansenart
Issue 4: @elenasteem and @patschwork
Issue 5: @nyarlathotep and @carlgnash
Issue 6: @mikkolyytinen and @nekromarinist
Issue 7: @azbeen and @barbara-orenya

copyright @veryspider. all rights reserved.
(that means DO NOT USE unless you got my say so in writing!)

To all of you artists out here at Steemit! Hello~ If you ever are lost and lonesome, please join Steem Artists at our discord chat: https://discord.gg/ENN8KCb

We network with fellow artists here on Steemit and we help each other succeed :) Come and say hi~ ^ __ ^

https://i.imgur.com/JUeQGXj.png https://i.imgur.com/vMfStQS.png https://i.imgur.com/a8UH2Xe.png https://i.imgur.com/7ADfnbb.png https://i.imgur.com/MQ7zbPM.png https://i.imgur.com/2DpXSnW.png

curator for OCD, curie, and c-squared (and c-cubed), helpie, archdruid and akibasteem - member of powerhousecreatives

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I like how happy go lucky this girl is... that’s the spirit that we need to have to face life and its many problems. Despite the pen being naughty, your picture turns up great and beautiful. I really like your ink works, the crosshatch lines are appealing <3.


Thanks, @scrawly :D Pen probably just like to paint my hands black or sommit. A weird hobby for it.... hmmm

Inking is fun, indeed :D I like doing the crosshatching!!

love her puffy sleeves dress :) yes no spoilers, haven't seen Endgame still, I'm not the biggest Marvel fan but still interested in watching it, I'm up to date with got because it was impossible not to be spoiled on twitter, LOL if not! LOL


Endgame was a wrap to an 11 year journey but it isn't earth shattering if you wait to see it, I think... haha :)

GoT spoilers on twitter is definitely unavoidable ... I have to stay OFF twitter every week until I saw the episode XD


I feel it weaves from many movies that I "found forgettable" and there are some things I don't grasp, plus my favourite is Vision (and well you know) I'll stick with the comics ending haha :) haven't seen Endgame yet :)

Welcome back Spider. Having time away from anything gives us the space to see it so much more clearly. And coming back: The heart needs quiet times to reflect on where she wants to send her energy and where it will be most effective and appreciated.

So pleased to see that you are taking up your pen again ~ Even if it does mess with your hand a little. Your girl is so light and happy ~ Her energy will help you sail through all those extra demands at work. Delightfully drawn. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Thank you very much, Ally <3 Yes, indeed, having time away gives us a bit of perspective, doesnt it? :) And perspective helps the heart sees better :)

I am loving your bout of creativity and daily posts, Ally! You've been incredible !!!

Good to hear you are back! No didn't see GoT yet I still have to see the season before that...same with avengers didn't see the previous one lol

Cute drawing!


Yesh, I'm back! :D Thank you, Sander :)

Happy welcome back ! ^_^ Your girl is so wonderfuly dressed !😊 ❤️


Thank you, @Barbara-orenya \o/

She does have a fluffy dress :D

Welcome back spidey~ I don't watch GoT and don't have anyone to watch endgame with soo... sweats I am excited for the last season of a show I watch called iZombie though

Oh heck please don't push yourself too hard spidey! Also ahh the girl is so pretty and graceful!

And ohhh wait I never realized we could go digital with the steemit art classes dsgkfdjk I might give em a try then since I wanna practice my digital painting a bit especially since a drawing idea I wanna do probably needs a paint-y look to work


aaah iZombie! I have heard about this show but i have never seen an episode... maybe i will check it out when I have time! :D Sounds fun!

oh heck you know us, we are dying always and thilah also burning out and i'm also spreading thin and oh no who will give us phoenix down now aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa //ded

thank you! girl is happy about music or something like that, what a weirdo~

yeshyesh, draw anything from a lesson video or a tutorial that someone else has created! digital is fine <3 every one can learn to do something that they wanna learn and then post it here at steemit !!!

The dancing girl is wearing a lovely dress :) You take on a crazy amount, and somehow seem to get it done, but I know you must have been spreading yourself very thin. I am glad you had an unplugged vacation and I hope you can find a way to make sure you are only committing to things that actually bring you joy <3


thank you, carl ! i like such olden times style dresses for some reasons :D

yes, im kinda frayed recently, but that break did me some good, although now i am in catching up mode > __ <

i WILL get those contests wrapped up soon! i promise aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

This drawing is a masterpiece. One of your best, Lise.

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Hahah, thanks, Jaundre <3 You're waaaaaaaaay too nice :)

Welcome back! I have missed the Spider. ^_^


Thank you ! I have missed the DL, too !

I like your style of drawing, the level of detail that has the girl's dress gives much to shine.


Thanks very much, @freddbrito :D You are attentive and kind <3 Aaaaaa~

Spidey is back!

Yeah, Spidey, thank you very much for your help in the startup on the Steemit platform, for your friendships and openness - these are things that can not be translated into words or payouts !! The pictures look slower faster - it's hard to control it, but during this time I've met a lot of great people who create great, inspiring and thought-provoking content - that's great! I believe that now you will support super-novices so that they can get up on this wonderful platform, and I hope that they can find each other in this world of Steemit :)

As for your new picture - it seems to me more juicy, although made by your standard technique, it is possible that this is an old rule that fresh things are being done (and things are doing a lot) much better than constantly working (sorry for my English, but this is a machine translation from Polish this time). I still wonder how you draw a freestyle sketch without a sketch - like my good friend Runshin (Lucjan Pakulski), he can also start the character from the eye and end the spectacular scene - I'm very impressed!

And the closer to summer, the more I want to visit the southern hemisphere of our planet :) - oh, just to have the opportunity P

Well, this spring allergy to pollen, which fortunately slowly passes, but I sneeze as I write, and according to our beliefs, if you sneeze then the truth is told :D

Here piccar of Saddy and me and the cat White Mepmphis and some our the city of Eysk sunset today ;)

Peace and Love!!


I'm so glad you have found a place in Steemit to call home and that you are well and truly happy here \o/

Thank you for very kind words :) I am glad my piccars are appreciated by someone like @arrr who draws super well * ___ * I am honoured o yes~

Hahaha, love the photos! Memphis looks so elegant and the two of you bring a lot of talents and personality !!! <3 <3 <3

And that is a very pretty sunset, indeed !!!

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Manually curated by @scrawly.

Welcome back. I noticed that you weren't showing up in my feed so I hope you enjoyed your interwebs break. It's definitely a good thing, I think.


Hi @choogirl :D I think so, too! ;) I am worried sometimes because she works too hard.


Yes me too!


Mr. Alien Eye is very sweet, turned out ! :O


shinpai shinaide, ojiichan <3 kumo tuyoiiiii, yo~ <3 <3 <3


Yeah! It was nice :) Thank you for the welcome back, also, @choogirl <3

Welcome back, my kawaii granddaughter spidey~~~
I always love you and your beautiful artworks!!!
Okaeri~~~ kumo-chaaaaaaan!!! :D :D :D


i love jiichan's beautiful videos and paintings also aaaaaaa
tadaima, jiichan * ___ *
ogenki??? :O

Very nice, I like the whimsical looking music notes. Where do you get the ideas for the clothing? Or where do you go for references?


I dont use references when I draw because I am stupid and I really should but I find using references VERY restricting and so I fail at it very much x __ x

As for ideas, I dont know, I guess, everywhere? XD;;;; I love period tv shows and all that, like Downton Abbey and stuff! I wouldn't be surprised if the ideas seeped into my brain from such places :D

Thanks, Anthony ! I have missed your bleak beauties, for sure <3

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your vacation. I'm still going to watch End game later in the evening. I hope it's nice. Anyway, that's a lovely drawing. I love the detail of the clothing. THank you so much for sharing this with us and Have a great day!


Thank you, food master, @sgbonus ! I did enjoy my break :D

Oooh, I hope you will enjoy Endgame :D

@veryspider Why is it that whenever one returns from a break, you feel that you need another break? So difficult to pick up the reins again and to get back into the old groove.
They say that we are creatures of habit and lately I have been investigating my habits. They all suck hahaha.
Your artwork here is supreme and I am glad that your pen didn't leak in the pocket of your favorite white shirt!
Btw. Thank you for your kind support on our charity blog!


Hahaha yes, people say that sometimes, dont they? "Need a holiday to recover from the holiday" !

Yep, I do find myself a bit disoriented as I forget what I am doing and how I am doing things. Routine is comfort and a break throws some programmed habits off and now I'm back and I'm kinda drowning trying to 'catch up' and get back to 'normalcy' !!!

Thanks as always for thoughtful comments <3

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I really love your drawing style, I spend some time trying to figure out how you make those lines flowing so naturally, still got no idea, lol


Thanks so much, @hananan! You are always super lovely * ___ * I use black magic??? XD


lolo, lol,,, how can I attain that ability? by making friends with spiders? hahaha... just thinking about spiders enough to make me back off...

I am so glad to see you back @veryspider though I'm not sure I'm 100% here with all the things I've got going on just now.

You are definitely the 'type' of steemian I love and part of what makes the great mix of all of us that keeps me coming back even when I'm so busy to go online!

Welcome back!


Thanks, Donna :D Aaah yeah, seems like life has thrown you quite the curve ball! :( I hope you will sort out all that mess, and sooner than later <3

AND OMG so sweet * ___ * You are so precious * ___ * Aaaaaaaaaaa~

Our beloved Spired is back with a bang!! Love that drawing! Top knotch! Resteemed :)


Jan!!! You are always such a positive karmic presence <3 <3 <3

DJ-Sona: "Only you can hear me summoner, what masterpiece shall we play today?" :)


PD: I really enjoy your drawings, over all the way you make the shadows and how they are always so detailed and your lines are so thin <:


Thanks so much, @takeru255!!! You are very kind * ___ *

Lovely girl drawing, I like her.
Welcome back it is good to get away once in a while. The work will all fall into place after you begin to pace yourself. :) @veryspider


Thanks @rebeccabe :D Love your humour and great positivity <3 <3 <3


yes we must lift each other up always

I missed your work, I am very happy for your return now your arachnid sense came renewed.



Thank you :D I am happy to be back :)

I love this, especially your line, it's like soft, delicate and beautiful

Hahaha, a lot of hugs and good vibe :D


Thanks, Saouri <3 Hugs hugs hugs for you, also <3

The pen is also looking pretty smudgey 😆 so enjoyed your time away then? And welcome back 😄

Dancing girl looks pretty carefree and happy 🙃

Also I was just in your neck if the woods and it was freezing 😵😝

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hahah yeah, the leaking ink smudges all over my hands and then back onto the pen ... x __ x;;;;

yes, definitely much needed, and yet work went awry anyway so now im back at work regretting not being around to handle stuff.... it's a vicious cycle, you burn out cuz you're doing too much then you are told to take time off, then you do take time off and shit hits the fan and you regret taking time off . __ .


ah well, such is life XD



Oh bloody hell 🤣 sounds like they need to hire someone to help you.

Not nice I hate the cold 🤣

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