Gifti returns :D with more gifts~ wahoooo~

10개월 전

Hello, hello :D

How is everyone doing? It's already March in 2019, and I hope your year has been going well? Keeping up with your New Year's Resolutions??? Me, I'm doing as usual, spidering around steemit, littering with comments and trying to support as many people as I can :) I think I'll break 20,000 comments in April.... XD

As the title says, Gifti is back!... With more gifts :D Yays~

I'm keeping the same structure with the first post, because why not, so here is the layout:

  1. Gifti Notices You: Highlighting an under-rewarded Steemian
  2. Gifti Helps Fun Stuff: Shout out to contests and other initiatives, sponsoring prizes, etc.
  3. Gifti Loves New Joiners: Delegations to help new comers overcome RC constraints :)

So without further la-dee-dah, let's get to the gifts!!!

Gifti Notices You

This is going to be a section where I will highlight Steemians that have been overlooked, and yet despite the lack of notice, these Steemians faithfully generate valuable contents and push along without asking for attention or rewards. Their blogs might be modest and does not pop with pomp and glamour but there is faithfulness and sincerity to them.

In the last post, we met @antic, and for the second Gifti's post, I want you all to meet: @klaut

@klaut draws. @klaut draws really nicely but they are largely undiscovered, earning cents for most of their posts, despite the quality and sincerity in their pieces. To be frank, there is not a single post that @klaut had done that break more than $1 payout. So if you can spare some kindness, please go and check out @klaut's blog and show 'em some love :) They are obviously not on Steemit for fame or money, but to share with us their artworks and these are the kinds of Steemians that needs a bit of notice, don't you think? :)

Gifti helps fun stuff!

This section will be where I've ran into things that some Steemians might be doing that are trying to create engagement or fun, and which may be too small for general hype or notice. And Gifti will be trying to either signal boost these things that I stumble across or sending some resources to help generate some excitement and involvement from others :)

Last time we met @hedidylan's really cute contest, titled the "Name Me" contests and Gifti matches @hedidylan's prizes so that the prize for coming up with a name for her characters totals 0.50 steems. This contest requires no drawing abilities or any special talents, you just need to come up with a name suggestion for her character :) It's small, but it's fun, and it creates engagement :D

I sent over the prizes for Round 6 and Round 7, and if you're looking to participate, Round 8 is currently on!

@hedidylan is looking for name suggestions for this fellow:

If you have some potential names that pop into your head, head over to the contest and drop your suggestion :D

...okay, that is now an on-going contest that Gifti is supporting, but let's pick up a new and exciting initiative for this Gifti's second post, shall we? Let's see what Steemians are up to and let's see if we can help out good things happening :D

Please check out @creativestreet's charity that tries to raise funds to publish free colouring books that will be distributed to children studying art, and they are looking for artworks that can be included in their colouring book.

I am boosting the prize pool of their contest... But more pressingly, I didn't realise that maybe signal boosting this was more important than putting some steems into the prize pool, because now I look at the post, it might be that there is little participation :(

But! They did gather 14 artworks so far, and @longer and @jenina619 have contributed with their beautiful artworks, which you can check out in this post: HERE. Talented and very generous, both of them! And if you have inked works, you can totally help out too :)

@aalagenesis, if you're still looking to get this project off the ground, let's reboot the contest :D If you need visibility, I'm gonna signal boost the contest post the next time you drop it <3

Also, you can have any of my inked pieces for this project, of course!

Gifti loves New Joiners :D

And last but not least, I often heard from new joiners that it is very difficult for them to engage on this platform because they keep running out of mana to do anything with. So I've been delegating Steem Powers to new joiners to help them succeed at Steemit :)

At the last Gifti's post, these new joiners have been sent delegations:

  1. @Arrr - 100 Steem Powers
  2. @SadHeaven - 100 Steem Powers
  3. @platyfolio - 50 Steem Powers

And now, Gifti is happy to report that a further 50 Steem Powers have been delegated to @aerozopher :D !!! A brand new talent to the platform, and an incredibly talented one, at that :) He's also friendly and active, and if I were you, I'd keep an eye out for his upcoming project that is making a comic, called "Thorns".

I hope Gifti will continue to be able to delegate these small helping hands for new Steemians in the future :) I don't have very much left in my pocket, but I will do what I can, when I can :)

For now, I am looking to delegate another 50 SP to a new joiner, and since I'm passionate about arts, the criterias I'm looking to support are: Engagement and Talent. If you have come across a talented and engaged new joiner, please comment below and I will be sure to check out their blogs!

Alright, that was Gifti's second post :D

I will bring her back when she's got new pressies to hand out, and I hope she will be of some use to Steemians :D

And now, to close the post, I've got the step by step for the drawing~

Step by Step

Step 1: Eyes

Step 2: Head

Step 3: Torso

Step 4: Basic pose

Step 5: Detailing

Step 6: Shading and added effects and DONE \o/

Right, so I've already got a few things in the pipeline that I'm doing to help out a few other friends, so be sure to look out for Gifti's third post in the near future :) And, as always, if there's something you think I can do to help, or if there's someone out there in Steemit creating good contents, let me know, and I'll definitely check them out :)

A small shout outs to close:

  • Thank you @sgbonus for prompting me to check out @braaiboy's "Meaty Mondays" contests :D I have very little knowledge of fooding so I was a bit useless, but I wanna shout out anyway, just in case some of my followers would like to participate in this very fun contests with VERY attractive prizes (steem monsters packs, SBI shares, upvotes !!!!)
  • Contests held by #powerhousecreatives members!!! Check out these various contents, people :D They cover many genres and you have a lot of high-engagement Steemians here to connect with :D

Steemit Art Class

@shibasaki has published a new lesson also, and it is about drawing strawberries, so I will try to draw berries soon :D Again, I invite any of you who's interested to join the art class to watch the video and maybe join in :D Just tag me if you do join and I'll give you a shout out in my next post for sure :D

Alright, friends! That's a looooooong enough post XD

See you all next time o/

Artists' Highlights with C2

On another note, please check out this article that I wrote for the @c-squared's Artists' Highlights a few days ago :) Please check it out! I am featuring TWO artists at a time, and the fifth pair is: @nyarlathotep and @carlgnash :D


Issue 1: @Arrr and @thilah
Issue 2: @EdgarUVM and @Zsolt.Vidak
Issue 3: @chrisdyer and @sanderjansenart
Issue 4: @elenasteem and @patschwork
Issue 5: @nyarlathotep and @carlgnash

copyright @veryspider. all rights reserved.
(that means DO NOT USE unless you got my say so in writing!)

To all of you artists out here at Steemit! Hello~ If you ever are lost and lonesome, please join Steem Artists at our discord chat:

We network with fellow artists here on Steemit and we help each other succeed :) Come and say hi~ ^ __ ^

curator for curie, and c-squared (and c-cubed) - member of powerhousecreatives

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Oh wow!
Thank you so much for the shoutout @veryspider! \m/


Love your Meaty Mondays \o/ !!!

GGG! Like Go, Gifty, Go, Go!... Oops, that's actually GGGG!


G4 !!!!!

OOH, and I will definitely put Ollie back in the game for the story thingy!!! Sorry, Manol, the days ran away from me > ___ <


Same for me, don't worry. We're not in any hurry since we can freeze time at will ;)

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❤ felixi !!!! thank you ! ❤


~My gift to your gifts!~

Great artwork. I love those details :)


Thanks so much, @manisha.jain9 :D !!!

Whoa, Gifti returns! What an awesome post filled with goodies :D. I've checked the artists and contests that you mentioned here and they are definitely worth a look.

And the drawing is very adorable. She has a great shirt, I like how nicely you made it and I also like the circular patterns in the background, those are really the staple of manga pin up mode :D.

A great post, spider ^_^.


Thanks, scrawls :D I'm glad you likey the artists and contests :D :D :D

Yesh, I brought back the bubbles shoujo effect from the first Gifti XD They are fun to do~

Wonderful drawing per usual @veryspider and great initiatives. I'd contribute a drawing but I think my black and whites aren't really good for colouring books because I fill in with so much black :/

You are such a busy little ...spider I guess :)


Thanks, Donna :D Im glad just with people clicking and browsing about these so don't feel obliged to do anything you dont wanna <3

Yeah, hahah, I'm always trawling around, finding out about what others are doing :D Busy lil me~

Happy Gifti is back!
What a wonderful service you are doing here! So generous of you!
Totally loved you artists and contest creators - went and visited them to give them some Steamian love!
Happy Gifti is back!

Awesome drawing! Keep up the great work!


Thanks very much !!! :D

Love it, hope to come back to read more but I gotta go to bed. Modelling for an animation school tomorrow ;)


Hey, thanks ! I love your blog, @edouard :)

Hope you will have fun modelling for an animation school tomorrow ! Good night~


It went great, thanks for the encouragement, I guess it takes a talented blogger to know one!

What an interesting post! I really liked how you did all this. So, I'm not sure what this contest thing is (I will be checking it out in a bit for sure), but since you like New Joiners I'd like to suggest you check out an account that does nothing more than introduces the newest of Steemians!

Gifti meet @heyhaveyamet. HHYM is one of my other accounts that is focused on helping the new people get their introductions out to everyone without everyone having to sort through the muck and mire we know as spam and mistagging in the introduceyourself tag. Please stop by to see all the new people.


oh! i never did realize what @heyhaveyamet does but you really explained that beautifully :D

i will go and check out all the new joiners :D :D :D thanks @xcountytravelers :D !!!


You are quite welcome! I think that might be part of the issue that some might have. It's one of the reasons I have started posting videos where people can hear me talk about it.

Well isn't this just lovely! Gifti is quite generous indeed. Always lovely to see people supporting other Steemians to do their thing! I'll definitely have to check out some of the folks you have pointed out, so thank you for sharing!


Im glad to hear this <3 I hope these Steemians will get some exposure at the very least <3 Thank you~

I love it! Graphics is wonderful!


Thanks very much, @amalinavia <3

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20K comments? That's insane! Well done.

I need Giftie to gift me some anti-DOMS. My whole body hurts right now. I'm walking around like a centenarian!


Yesh, me is a chatty spidey XD

Thanks, Choo!

Aaaah poor choo ! but.... doesnt that mean choo is getting super fit again???? im sure choo will have a killer body once choo gets back on choo's physical routine???? :D :D :D

What an excellent post! I applaud you for doing all these things for people on the Steem blockchain. I'm following you so I can keep up with what you are doing and maybe send you some names for Gifti!


thanks ! it isnt about me, hahaha~ i am glad you are interested in the people im featuring :D !

Awe.. Gifty is so generous, cute and happy :-) Happiness can spawn by giving back; the joy in helping others overcome the restraints of mana and given the tools to help inspire success. That's a lot of details in the under shirt (i am not a knower of girls clothing names.. hehe) Love it! Is that SP in that box??

I am going to accept the 'Gifty Challenge' (if there is such a thing, lol) and in the honor of Gifty, I am going to gift 50SP delegation to @klaut. I know that they're not really new to Steemit, but they were and it looks like the frustration of starting out got in the way of posting their talents earlier on. I hope this helps him take off a little faster.

Thanks for the suggestion! I hope others jump on the Gifty Train and accept the Gifty Challenge or just give a little back somehow in their own special way.

Thank you Spider for keepin the steem dream alive.



Box might contain Steem Powers or it may also contain a swarm of spiders ???? BE CAREFUL~

OMG thanks, Brad ! I hope your delegation will help @klaut enjoy Steemit a bit more \o/ You are very generous, AMAZING ! I am bouncing with excitement XD !!!!

Yesh, we all should try to look after the home that looks after us, when we can :D



Box of SPIDERS!!! Forget it.. I don't want the Gifti Gift.

What can I say.. You inspired me! and for that I thank you. I will be on the lookout for others. If you find any, shoot me a DM and I'll check them out and help out where I can. Always a good plan to look after our home :-)

Super Awesome?? Naaaahhhh.. Just want to make someone else's day. Like when you get that first curie upvote kinda feeling. :-D Could you just tag along with me all day long? because your a great boost for the self esteem.. always knowing how to make all of us feel happy when we read your comments.

(I just spent at least 1 minute looking for the backward slash.. how sad is that?)

I like the details you put into the drawing, really awesome!
I also like how you trying so hard to help everyone that you cross path with, bless you!


Thanks very much :) I do what I can, when I can, that's all~ :D


You are doing plenty.

First time reading your Gifti post, love the idea!
Love the drawing too, much time spent on the details, which makes it look more fascinating! Great job Spidy!


xiexie, lailai~ <3 <3 <3


bu ke qi (不客气)!

Welcome back, Gifti! ^_^


Thanks very much, Cogi ! <3

This is a really cool feature, spidey! I've never seen her work and it's really good. I'm sure I'll follow her from now on.


Thanks, @siucatti :) I am glad you likey the people I feature ! @klaut is really good, right? It is sad that their posts are under-appreciated, I think ! . ___ .

Gifti is back and more beautiful 😊 You are always so supportive with artists Spider and you know how to find the best newcomers 😊🕸️😊

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Hahaha thanks, George ! I have eight eyes !!!! :D

Thanks for the mention! I really love your initiative when it comes to the steemit community. Keep it up!

Wow, that detailing and added effect looks so awesome!!! You really are one of the best artists that I have met in this platform. Thanks for sharing this with us and may you have a great weekend

Thank you for you suppot @veryspider :)

Well done on almost breaking 20k comments! Lovely drawing as per usual, all the intricate details in her dress are wonderful.


Thanks, @jeremyrfk :D Haven't seen you posted recently? I miss seeing your kickbuttsawesomegreat posts * ___ *