Spider Coccoon

2년 전

There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D

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I like the multiple circular things that's going on here. I think the design works nicely, and of course the idea is even better. It is true that a lot of people are attached to our electronic gadgets, and we're probably affected by the general consensus of things in more ways than we realise. It's not exactly a bad thing, more like not great, not terrible.


thank you, scrawleroo! <3 <3 <3

people just wanna be cool these days so they check first what's popular! it's nice to be cool~ * ___ * i also wanna be cool spoder all the time~ 😎😎😎

3.6 !!!!!!!!!

This is a very cool idea, spider! One question... Is the head going to explode as soon as the download is finished? :D


I would also like to know the answer to this. 🤣


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Stoked to see you tackle #Inktober. I’m trying a personal challenge where I take a photo everyday and it’s kinda difficult right off the bat. Here’s to the grind!


Awww yeah! GOOD LUCK TO US !!!! \o/

Ahh I like it when cool things happen to cool people 😆 I’ll check out the link whenever I can owl myself out of bed (soon coz I need coffee and should probably think about getting some work and chores and stuff done maybe and also getting nagged to finish a railway in minecraft 😅) or more likely I’ll catch the resteem which I’m pretty sure I saw when I was seeing how much stuff was in my feed since last night 😆

Pfft I love this image, sadly accurate 🤣

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XD I noticed some people do this, like they check what people on the internet is saying first before they say things themselves. It's ..... weird. But I guess that's how some people are these days....


I guess it's that delusion that [so many other people] can't possibly be wrong?

And that's pretty much the only thing wrong with "wisdom of the crowd" (which I'm all for when the crowd is actually wise not just thinking they are ;D)

Spider! The drawing is super creative haha, and you did it without pencil underneath, I need to learnnn. My use of digital has spoiled me with Ctrl+Z. Need to watercolour and ink more.


yesssssssss ctrl+z is LIFE

i am in love with ctrl+z * ___ *

but yeah, when drawing freehand, gotta screeaaaammm and let go of ctrl+Z addiction XD;;;;;;;;

i love your inktober pieces so far, linco!!!! <3 you are so good and i love your lines <3 they are super expressive aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Oh, my... I'm so terrible with drawing, haha! ;(

But, I liked that idea. Congrats, @veryspider!


Wisey, thank you! :D

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FutureMind-less generations upon us 😭
RE-wind the Time-less fighting and more loving.

Beautiful piece, a little eerily accurate if I do say so myself.

Nice one Spidey! 😍😵😊


yes yes yes futuremindless generation is coming, for sure 😭😭😭

but, thank you for kind, kind, kind words, futuba * ___ * !!!


Worry not, you're not one of the mindless one's! And bright things are in the future! 😊

Let's save the world!!!! Downloading solution

It's a pleasure, always happy to see your beautiful art and kind presence :)

Good one @veryspider. Mirroring our internet addicted society.


Thanks very much :D I did think it captured our internet dependency! :D

Great illustration of 'man' under the influence of cybercommunication. While there are lots of people heavily under the influence of each other like this ~ Other influences can take advantage of this. Which for me is the most disturbing aspect of the mindless, 'check if it's ok with my peers' crew. However I also feel that there are lots of people who wish to be truly authentic and to do this they have to search more deeply within themselves ~ And evaluate everything for themselves. It's like we have the two extremes: The mindless who can be easily manipulated and the mindful who consider what's under the surface.

It's great that CreativeCoin has partnered with OCD to support Steemit artists in #inktober ~ AND that you can focus on your own drawings now for the rest of the month Spider. Taking advantage of the popularity of #inktober will be a great way to promote Steem on other networks.

I've bought my pens and paper yesterday and clearing the decks now so I can start tomorrow. I'm so pleased to hear that pencil sketching before inking is ok. Have a lovely weekend. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


I hope to see Ally's pieces soon (but no pressure!) :D

And yeah, CCC and OCD got my back and I was super surprised (and happy !!!) :D :D :D

I'm glad this prompt and drawing are generating a lot of interesting feedback also from a lot of people :D Seems like a topical thought !


Glad there's no pressure Spider. Today was spent at the beach ~ Maybe tomorrow. Have been watching Jake Parker's 'How to Ink' lessons. Will do a few practice 'things' and then take the dive. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Awesome! My wife (@grisvisa) is also doing the Inktober, but she is following a different list. We have not uploaded them here in Steem, but they are in Instagram and Creary.


aaah, she should totally cross post them to Steemit :D she already has the pics, so it wouldn't be too hard?

plus, she might get some rewards just by publishing them here, as well? :D

also, thank you!


Yes, we are going to post them but on a weekly basis. The first post will be next Monday.

That’s how I feel 90% of the time

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hahahahah, a lot of my friends said this when they saw this picture XD;


I suppose it’s very relatable 😂 - also I need to start using the Inktober tag ...oops

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That's brilliant! Very topical, and a great picture too!


Thank you very much ! :D Im glad to hear this comment :)

yessss This is fantastic, I love the linework and the background texture <3 <3 Hard not to do some sort of commentary on social media with this prompt, amirite? haha :D


Thanks very much, @derosnec ! :D And yeah, I saw yours (and I love it) (the noir / vintage horror movie style is so awesomely done for the MINDLESS prompt!!!) and yea, it is a prime prompt to make social media commentary for sure XD

Niiiice idea :)

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Thaaaaaanks <3333

@longer, please do one or two? I miss your glorious drawings aaaaaaaaaah

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I love this concept. It seems so many people just do this; especially if they have 60 hour work weeks and no time to think things through.

Loving these Halloween challenges you can watch so many improve before your eyes.


Yep, October is the best month in the year, I swear!!! I love, love it !!!

Thanks, @twirble <3 I've been following you doing the Drawlloween too and it's super wonderful seeing your beautiful arts daily these days <3 <3 <3

And hahah yeah, I noticed that some people check online first to see what the others are thinking before they form their own opinions, these days. It's a weird thing!

Beautiful and very topical piece, @veryspider! You really turn the humble ball point pen into a force to be reckoned with with that linework :)

I have been sick for three straight days now (sneezes) So I might as well contribute a little to Inktober as well - stay tuned! :)


Thanks very much, Cogi ! The ballpoint pen is actually one of my favourite arting tool ! It just so lovely to let it glide over the printing paper, you know :D

I hope you will feel better soon! I'd love to see #inktober pieces from you! Your BUILD one is really cool!!!! :D :D :D

Wish I could art like that! Probably why I just write instead...


You can definitely WRITE instead! Next month will be #NaNoWriMo and it's another huge event with writers all around the world participating ! :D

Also, thanks!


This is true! Been meaning to participate in nanowrimo for the last few years but I never get around to doing it. I cut my teeth with longform writing but getting back into that after blogging for so long is intimidating (or at least I can guess that's why I haven't tried it yet...).

<3 i like you day 2 of inktober Thank you, I checked your profile and I find this wonderful new contest, my vote and reesteem


Thanks, Jesus :) I'm glad to see you participating :)

Love. As someone whose day job and personal hobbies/interests revolve around internet things, I feel this. 👏😅

Happy Inktober, and great job!!


Thanks! I'm glad the picture resonated with you :D

W00t you talked me into it along with those OCD / CCC types :) I like yer mindless lightbulb with plugin arm. Here is my threefer (BAIT / MINDLESS / RING prompts in one drawing) and will do daily going forward. I am same username on Instagram I will post there as well. Much love - Eyeball


wwww0000000t! im happy you're jumping in, carl! #inktober is a rite of passage :D it will be my third year doing it and every year i got super excited for it, and then every year i scream in agony when im doing it lol

thanks so much for being a good sport with the IG also <3333333333

we need more people like you!

also i love your gulpereeloroboros

that hot pink background is just super french chef kissing put together fingers mwah!