Spider Coccoon

2년 전

There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D

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What a cute girl and her happy expression is just precious. Kind of reminds me of the carefree happiness that we all felt when we're kids.

Don't pressure yourself about Inktober. Just have fun and draw when you feel like it! :D


Heheh, thanks scrawly! I think it got a bit dark in my head mid-way when I was drawing this cuz I didn't think that some things can't be dethawed safely once they are frozen :screaming emoji: but whatever it's halloweentober, anyway XD

And hahah yeah, I dont think I can beat #inktober at Steemit this year, I will just do it for fun :D


I'm also avoiding all the inktober pressure :) by the way made me happy to see a comment of yours, I don't see you around lately, not that I've been much myself but I've not seen your posts lately, gonna check in case I've missed?


Hi Pris!

I'm so touched that you thought of me! :D :D

I'm on a Steemit break that's been going on for some time now. I like to do things in phase, sometimes I spend all my free time playing games nonstop, other times binging tv series, writing, drawing, etc. Right now Steemit-ing is out of phase for me.

I'm lucky to meet wonderful friends here who are sweet (like you!!!), so although I'm not active like before, I'm still somewhat around.

Have a great fufunchi day ^_^!


I understand I've been out myself for long periods, life happens, from time to time I find my way back, I always go with the flow and do whenever and wherever I can or feel inclined too but I am in a phase of not pushing myself too much anymore and yes I'll wonder about you, veryspider, serena, Pechi, isaria and others... here or wherever so I go and check sometiems hahah. Aw it makes my day someone knows what "fufunchi" means LOL squeak! Hugs

  ·  2년 전

@veryspider thank you so much for your offer :))


Not a problem! Keep up your inktobering for Steemit \o/ !!!!

My daughter and I love that Disney's cartoon ❤❤❤

Your little girld is sooo lovely! And I wonder how does her brother look like. Gerda and Kai... 🧚‍♀️


Frozen is very popular, isnt it :D A very good Disney animation! I am not surprised your daughter and you enjoy it :D

Gerda and Kai, yes! You are familiar with those original names from HC Andersen's story * ____ * !!!!!


HC Andersen and The Brothers Grimm were very popular when I was kid :) Whorld's classics))

This is so lovely. Brother and sister doing wonders with their gift.

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Thank you, Max !

Cute drawing :) thought about participating but decided to skip. Maybe next year. But it's nice to see all the ink drawings

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Thanks, Sander ! Yeah, there's always next year :D

I'm kinda flailing with this year's inktober too XD Feels like it was somehow easier last year lol

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I would love to see the twin brother, maybe you could tie him in another day, I am just about to post and it is the second time where I am combining 2 prompts, that’s how I deal with the grind of Inktober. Feeling some pressure but then I remind myself that it’s about having fun!


Yeah, I think I will try to draw the twin brother for another prompt if I can fit him in :D

Combining 2 prompts into one picture sounds like a great way to catch up with the daily grind, tbh... I've checked the tags on the other social media places, and I'm always amazed with people who can keep up every day with quality arts * ___ * But yeah, gotta keep reminding myself that it's for fun, at the end of the days :D !!!


Yeah totally, it’s useless to compare your art, especially past the beginner phase where role models are more important. I feel like we are both intermediate and beyond so it important to consider how much energy we want to put into each drawing. I.E. how inspired we are by each prompt.

Love this! Like a fantasy cane to life!

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Thanks very much, Cindy! That's so sweet of you to say ! :D

I love the look of the little girl. For some reason she reminds me of Ni No Kuni (a game with Studio Ghibli style). I love the whole drawing but the girl is particularly eye-catching, not sure what part of her makes her that way, but hey, doesn't matter! Your drawing is as awesome as always!


Ooh, I've heard of Ni No Kuni but I've never seen it, thanks for the mention I will look it up now :D I love Ghibli style / feel * ___ *

And rainey is so kind as always * ____ * i love Rainey's inktober post! I hope Rainey will post more :D :D :D

Was about to ask if she was running around merrily snap-freezing flowers XD The cuteness and cheerfulness just adds to the mild horror ;D

Daily things can be grindy for sure, if it's getting a bit that way try to remember to keep them loose and quick and fun :)


gosh fyn, i wasn't thinking about the horror of the cold snaps until i was mid-way drawing it and then i was like :screaming emoji: but then i was like, well......... it IS halloweentober, after all so then a spoder was grinning like a villain


And yeah! i gotta keep reminding myself that it's just for fun ! There are super awesome artists on the other social media places that's been kicking inktober butts and i'm like * ____ *

But for me, I'll just draw when I can ! I guess ! :D :D :D


Mission accomplished unexpectedly then? XD

Yeh I've seen some of them and am like HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT IN A DAY O_O

When you can is fine. Not like Inktober police are going to come knocking on your door coz you skipped a day or missed one so decided to post a couple in one day XP


Inktober police seems like a great job ! I would like to be one !


I'd be knocking on my fav artists friends who are falling behind and go "EXCUSE ME YOU. I WILL HAVE TO BOOK YOU IN NOW. YOU ARE BEHIND ON INKTOBER"

and they'd be like "u r the worst :("

and imma be "GIVE ME ART OR ELSE"

She looks like she really delights in turning everything into ice Spider. Can understand that, as ice makes the world sparkle and look so magical.

I'm taking @scrawly's advice

Don't pressure yourself about Inktober. Just have fun and draw when you feel like it!

But I have my pens and paper ready, and maybe inspiration will whisper. I hope you enjoyed beer o'clock and that it was a great start to a relaxed (or lively) weekend. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Yesh! I think she loves the sparkling effect that ice can give out so she runs around and makes everything sparkle! XD

And yep yep, I am also taking @scrawly's advice, for sure! I was starting to stress because I fell behind but whatever, I'll just draw when I can :D :D :D

I hope inspiration does strike you, Ally, but even if inktober muse does not come knocking, pens and papers are always a great tool for arting :D :D :D

  ·  2년 전

I thought you would be at pace with inktober. I'm gonna try to catch up this weekend. Since I've been working solely on digital for a long time I felt freaking rusty with some tries :(. But the challenge may be a chance to hone the skill of the pen :).

  ·  2년 전

the skill of the pen :)

Which you obviously excels at.
(ಠ o ಠ)¤=[]:::::>


#inktober is an epic quest! i did okay last year but seems like i won't be able to beat #inktober at Steemit this year............ ALAS!

i hope you will catch up and show us your stuff, zeen <3 !!! I love, LOVE your stuff very, very much aaaaaaaaah

the skill of the pen! im sure you will flex and show me tru mastery :OOOOOO

  ·  2년 전

LOL! I couldn't catch up! I tried, and kind of realized how BAD I'm with the skil o' the pen. BUT now I feel challenged to pursue a little skill o' da pen. I also miss chatting with a spider. Maybe soon we'll catch up :P

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Very creative man!! I love it


Thanks, Shimo! :D Appreciate it!

very well you inktober day 4 freezer :3


Thanks, Jesus :)

I was going to try to do a few and I haven't done one yet, every year lol :D


Hahahah, that's alright, there's always NEXT year XD;;;;

You should try to do a few though :D Some of the prompts can be fun !

Such a delightful playful piece:) I can feel the fun.


Thank you, @twirble :D I am definitely gunning for "fun" with this one :D

Only later I realised it might be a little horrory cuz not everything can be unfrozen safely, specially living creatures XD lol

  ·  2년 전

Thank you my friend! :)


You're welcome!

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How sweet this is! I love the girl and the flowers are delightful!! I am so happy to see you, this has made my day!

Good luck with the contest!! :)


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Great work!

awww KAWAIIII she's so cuteee!