Spider Coccoon

2년 전

There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D

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I am also 8 days behind at the moment haha and I have to start post them, mhhhh ok time to post sth xD


aaah, yes yes, a lot of us are falling behind but it doesn't matter as long as we're having fun! right? :D :D :D

and i saw your witch! she's really cute, with her cat <333333333 wonderful piece, rambu-tan!!!


yep as long as we're having fun everything is fine :-)
The main thing is not to put yourself under too much pressure and enjoy it.

Thank you soooo much XD

Wow... they're making a wicker man with a hollow belly! This inktober art is cute and creepy at the same time, I like it.

Is Gerda okay being so close with all those fire? She seems okay but I have to ask since her hair is made from ice.

Looking forward to their next adventure :).


Heheheh yes, these kids might look cute, but they aren't really.... >:D I hope they wont find a playmate for the hollow belly :screaming emoji:

The wickerman isn't on fire yet, the background crosshatchings are supposed to just be tall grass, swaying in the night breeze, but I made it look like fire cuz ............ horrory~ wuuuuu~ * ___ *

Gerda is okay cuz there's no fire yet but she has ice magic anyway and she can't burn :> Scrawlz is very considerate to think of Gerda's comforts and safety though aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa * ___ *


i for one fully endorse the pyromaniac children, fire immunity just means they can go really nuts with it.


of course you'd say that

i wonder if you have a power role

suspicious glance

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

I had a feeling, even before reading about Kai that he was about to set Wickerman aflame. He has such a wicked, mischievous smile. Such a shame as no-one's going to be able to sit in his belly now.

Just had a quick reminder look at the prompt list and I can see the scope is so wide open for Gerda and Kai to get up to all sorts of pranks.

Glad to see you have a relaxed attitude towards #inktober too.

Instead of just creating posts to get fed by the system, let us try to lift our fair share of work and give back to the system?

I think with this attitude I may eventually be able to contribute something. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


hahah yeah, he has a naughty grin alright :> the wickerman's not yet on fire, they are still building it for a .... play-mate to .... join their play time with. Oh no~

I made the tall grass in the background looking too much like fire, hahah my mistake~

And yeah, I hope they'll have a lot of adventures in Halloween month, for sure :D

I'm just going to draw when I can, it was stressing me out to think that I was falling farther and farther behind but now I'm just like.... oh well!


And yep yep, I feel super happy when I think that others are also wanting to lift the system up that has been kind to us. I see a lot of artists have the ability to do so, but very few actually does it. Makes me sad sometimes. There are people who even post daily to get decent rewards, and they aren't willing to lift Steemit (and by extension, Steem) up

What gives, people~ Aaaah > ___ <


It's good to hear that Ally's going to try to also use the #inktober event (if the chance arises) (no pressure!!!!)

it gives me hope and happiness to hear such sentiment !!!! \o/

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thank you!

For some reason your drawing reminded me of the movie The Wizard of Oz (which is a very good thing).


Thanks :D Im glad to hear that !

I have to say, this is extremely adorable. Beautifully done!


Thanks very much, Edouard ! :D :D :D

So are they going to fire/ice power a wicker mecha or Kai is just going to have fun setting it ablaze while Gerda makes sure it doesn't get out of control? :D

Also I'm pretty sure the kids from The Snow Queen fairy tale had those names too XD

And it would be pretty cool to see their other adventures if you can squeeze them into the rest of the prompts :D

Your favourite artist's piece is pretty damn impressive :O


Yeah, @longer is amaaaaaaazing * ____ *

He killed #inktober last year, too and I'm so glad he's joining the event again this year :D

Um. I'm not sure what these kids are doing with the wickerman, but I think it's nothing good XD;;;;;;;;;

And yeah! @zirochka named them in the last post's comment section so I just ran with those names lol

you should check out dada.art - you would probably dig it!!1


aaah, i might do that! thanks :D !!!

I Love it. I have been missing your drawings of "little guys" from last inktober, because after that you were drawing more mature characters. And your chibis are cute :)
.but the hollow belly part got me like @_@

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aaaaaah the little guys, yeah :D

thank you for your kind words for my chibis, @longer * ___ * !!!

and hahahahahah, yeah, things got really dark fast with the hollow belly part... i'm terrible XD;;;;;;

For some reason your drawing reminded me of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy haha. But Hope you have a great inktober and a wonderful week ahead!


Oh, yeah, I can kinda see Groot-ish ness, for sure :D


Yours are really amazing. I also drew a mushroom themed drawing (at least I think it looks like a mushroom), but I think I will save it for one of the prompts in a few days. I'm just gonna draw a few and publish them all at once


woah, mushroom themed! sounds really cool :D I will look forward to seeing your posts about them, for sure <3

and, thank you!

I don't know how you have enough time in the day for all that you do, @veryspider! Lovely to see your art. I shared this on Twitter and sent you a bunch of token votes, too! 😘


Thanks very much, @melinda010100 <3 You are always so kind and generous <3 Steemit is lucky to have someone like you on board! <333333333333333333333


Thanks luv! Your encouragement is a treasure and is always welcome.

Kai reminds me of @thingone a bit, which of course is a good thing in my book :) Ah watching children burn a stranger in the wicker man warms the old heart cockles


hahah yeah, i can see @thingone's mischievousness echoing, for sure :>

and and, heheh, sir alien is one of the few that understands my dark side well it seems * ____ *

The amount of beauty you are able to bring into this world with ink is just breathtaking.

Really love the what appears to be a witch brewing in a cave with giant mushrooms. The amount of detail and shading gives it such life. That must have taken forever.


that one isn't mine, silly XD

that's @longer's !

i just featured it cuz i love his art very, very much :D :D :D

Great work!


thank you!

excellent work as always. also, hi :3



welcome back!!!!

do NOT go before we catch up omg corinne

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Yes! The Wizard of Oz! Except, my more sinister! I loved reading the comments and your replies as well as looking at your creation. It really brought so many more ideas into my head!


I hope all is well with you! @veryspider~

!tip .20


Hahah yea, a lot more sinister :D I'm glad for people like you, @dswigle <3 You have such beautiful spirit and great generosity and you pay attention to the people around you <3 Steemit is really fortunate to have you on board, I say !!!!

<3 Thank you so much for being awesome <33333333333333333333


Well, I must admit, you are such a beloved soul here, it is good to keep up with you and see what is floating upstream from you.

I love what you are doing with the inktober!

Have a great night!

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Looks like the little kids are getting into the fall spirit. Nice sketch!

And I know how you feel trying to chug along with Inktober. lol I'm surprised I'm still going with it and I haven't quit yet.


hahaha yeah, the grind is REAL

thank you, bleux ! you're doing so awesomely! keep it up <3


Thank you! I'll try and do so. X3 Just 10 more days.

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