Shireen Baratheon

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Two episodes left to the end of Game of Thrones and I was looking back a bit and I thought of Shireen Baratheon, today.

Anyway, if you havent seen Season 5 of the show, you might wanna skip this post entirely cuz ... yeah, it's about what happened to her :3.


Right, so those of you who don't care about spoilers/has seen the show, probably knows what happened to her and I think it's one of the most terriblest awfulest things on TV... It certainly is one of the thing that stayed with me from the show, because she was such a sweet and harmless girl and her arc showed the horrible things that people would do in the name of 'devotion' and 'glory'.

Drew this with the mechanical pencil, 2B lead.

Again, please feel free to skip this post, but here is my sketch of Shireen Barathen as she was burnt alive:

Her expression changed as I drew her cuz as usual I didn't know she was going to come out in the beginning, but at first she was anguished, I think, and later when I was approaching the finish, she went a little vacant in her face, as if trying to forgive her parents who did this to her...

... man, I can be pretty dark sometimes, hey? Hahahah, sorry if you're not expecting a dark spider :)

Step by Step

Step 1: Eyes

Step 2: Face

Step 3: Hair - her expression changes here

Step 4: Clasped hands

Step 5: Skin melting

Step 6: Burning alive

Her sacrifice granted passage for her father's army to be able to push forward where they had been blocked by an icy passage previously. I don't think it was worth the price.

Two more episodes to the end of this epic journey~ It has been years in the making and we're finally at the end! I do think GoT was way darker and more horrible in the beginning, but I aint complaining about what it is right now, neither. Sometimes, I'm way over shock jock schlock~

Some updates!

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Okei, that's it for now :) See you all next time, friends o/

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So sad, but a beautiful drawing. Not to imagine how often things like that happened for real...

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS Power House Creatives family!
uvoted and/or resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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You have outdone yourself! Amazing image!

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Thanks very much :D !!!

God dammit. I think I just gave myself a spoiler. Oh well... Nice drawing though.


Aww! I'm sorry, choo !!! > __ <


Lol. It's fine. It's not the first time I've been curious about something and given myself a spoiler.

Btw, my feeling towards Melisandre is very complicated.


She is a complicated character, to be sure.... I like the actress that plays her a lot :)

I know nothing about Game of Thrones except the memes and the references of it from others shows I'd sometimes see but this is a cool drawing spidey!


Aaah, yes, some of GoT memes are legendaries XD

Thank you, @thilah -chan!!

That was definitely one of the toughest deaths in the series in my opinion! Pure innocence ruined for a less than noble gain. I know she's a fictional character, but it kind of makes me happy that you honored her memory. Very curious how they are going to wrap everything up in these last two episodes!


Yea, I think so too, it was really harrowing to watch through Shireen's death...

I am also curious how they are going to wrap it up, a fight between two queens as a finale, from the looks of it???

Even if someone would pay me millions of dollars, I would never self inflict to watch that serie, I was randomly in contact with maybe a few seconds of the film, and it was even not a very horrible scene, just an "ordinary" scene that was enough for me to feel the whole vibration underlying GoT and I am to caring about my well being to give myself the torture of this show...😉


Hahahah, yeah, GoT is certainly not everyone's cup of tea :) I can understand, Barbara !

That was a brutal episode!


This season though..... it is getting on my nerves. Though some scenes have been fantastic.

Great drawing @veryspider!


Yea, it was ! I think there were a lot of horrible things that happened throughout the series, but Shireen was one of the ones that stayed with me, for sure...

And yes, that last episode.... ugh, I have some criticism about it, for sure > ___ <

Awesome. Totally love your stuff. What’s your thoughts on how this season is playing out thus far?


This season so far has been a bit weak and more fantasy-ish, imo.... But, I do appreciate their efforts in trying to wrap things up properly, i guess...

How about you? What's your feeling about the current season? :O

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!


Thanks, hey! :D

Great work as always my friend. Resteemed! you know there's this funcion on instagram that is called "messaging" . It's on homepage , top right corner. Maybe you can have a look my friend :) Keep on steemin!


oh??? i will check it out! i am so new to instagram hahaha, thanks for the tips, Jan <3

Oh gosh that episode was so upsetting!! Beautiful drawing- very interesting how her facial expression evolved as you drew her!


It really was! Thank you for the thoughtful comments and your visit, as well <3

Pretty dark artwork indeed Spider. Shireen was a beloved character and her moment of death really shocking. Thank you for reming me this past moment and i agree with you that the series is taking a very lighter turn. It seems more like a soap opera these days.


Yes, soapy opera-like, to be sure !

I do think it will be interesting how the remaining two episodes will play out.... but the current season is definitely not the old GoT that we knew....

Still, some little scenes were pretty well done, I guess, hahaha :)

Oh Shireen. Just when Stannis was like beginning to be all cool and that... Plop.

I do think GoT was way darker and more horrible in the beginning, but I aint complaining about what it is right now

Mate, in the beginning the scripts were more in-line with the books. Awesome writing, the dialogues had enchantment, the character's relationships were totally meaningful. I do think the impact of the writing has decreased vastly from season 6, and they've relied more in the visual aspect of things (super vfx!!!) and cheap peak moments. I do like some of the stuff, the battle of "the long night" for instance... Pffffff what a ride. It was a tremendous piece of work. But last episode was like super poor written (imo). Like "let's just poorly build more tension everywhere after the big battle". There some cool things though. I just wanna see how it ends, there should be some nice things along all the last eps. And the investment! The emotional investment!

Quote from G.R.R. Martin (hahaha grrrrr)

The case of GAME OF THRONES and A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE is perhaps unique. I can't think of any other instance where the movie or TV show came out as the source material was still being written. So when you ask me, "will the show spoil the books," all I can do is say, "yes and no," and mumble once again about the butterfly effect. Those pretty little butterflies have grown into mighty dragons. Some of the 'spoilers' you may encounter in season six may not be spoilers at all... because the show and the books have diverged, and will continue to do so.

There's a sample chapter of the not-yet-published book "the winds of winter" in which is suggested Stannis and Shireen walk a totally different path.

A dark spider is greatly appealing (¬‿¬ ).


Yeah, Stannis' fans are apparently not happy at all with how he was portrayed in the series, but I have to agree with you, that last episode was very weak. There's so many times I was rolling my eyes when I was watching it > ___ > !!!

I do look forward to seeing how they wrap it up in the next two episodes, but yeah, this season has not been particularly stellar, in this spider's opinions!

Z...zeen likes dark spider???? :thinking emoji:


Totally agree matey. I think I can confidently admit that I like all spiders. But the darker they are... the brighter they shine (☆ω☆).

Sadly our service that screens the GOT series became too expensive and we had to cancel after the second episode of GOT. I think it was just after Ned Stark was killed?
We haven't seen anything since.
But of course your drawing here is exceptional as usual my friend!
Real arty!


Aah, maybe one day you can catch up on all of it in one go when they are made available in free tv :)

Thank you!


Hahaha thank you and I think that's our only way to see it.
Thank you also for the help with @helpiecake

Wonderful job @veryspider. I stopped watching at season 5 hoping another book would come out before the series ended. That didn't workout well. I need to finish the series now and things are so different.


They certainly have diverged, and probably should be taken as two different things, haha...

Thank you for visit and comment, @tryskele :)


You're welcome @veryspider. Funny, every other book series that have been turned to a movie or series I have been very accepting of having to change things for various reasons. I don't expect exact interpretation, obviously with this series you can't. Daenerys being 13 yr old when she's married off to Drogo. Missandei is close in age to Daeny. My reason is the opposite. I didn't want the series to ruin the books LOL. I pretty much have figured out Jon's parentage. I just need to suck it up and watch it. To be honest, I didn't like that Shireen was killed off. Nobody is safe in Martin's world.


To be honest, I think both excel in different things so I can kind of appreciate the two different mediums.... I think Martin's struggling with actually writing these days, too, sadly...


I think he his too. He's done a few other projects in the world, but not the 6th book. I think he was waiting to see how things end to keep his timeline intact. Since his chapter structure is completely different than most books.

Don't get me wrong, I love the series. The books equally. They are each their own. I think anyone who hasn't read the books needs to. The Red Wedding is one of the best points as to why. In keeping with the book community there, no spoilers from, except there are some major differences. Both still succeed in shocking the audience.


Yea, hopefully he will manage to complete the book series !

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Just to imagine being burn is hard enough, luckily spidy's drawing is not that horrific! Oh, I didn't watch GOT at all, not sure why...


Thanks, lailai~ GoT can be hard to get into! It's YEARS in the making, after all, and the relationships between the SO VERY MANY characters can get confusing, hahaha


I know right! Too many to catch up now.

Not familiar with this character but the series seems to have gotten ahead of the books and I haven't watched anything past season 2 (or even much of season 1 and 2 for that matter XD), still waiting for books XD

Man this author likes offing his characters in various savage fashions doesn't he XD


Yeah, I think the books and the tv series have diverged and probably are now regarded as two different things... I've read the books up to 4, but haven't really gotten very far after, myself.

And yep, the author has a bit of a penchant for shocking his audience... It gets a bit silly, at times, to be sure XD


Wouldn't be surprising as I'm pretty sure the v series is now well ahead of the books XD Were there four or five books do you remember off the top of your head? I could get off my arse and check our bookshelf but that would require getting up XD


i thought there were 5, but i haven’t gotten farther than 4th one myself haha

Only a small arrangement in the mouth was enough to give a different meaning to his drawing. A very shocking episode without a doubt, but I think that the generous heart of Sirene managed to find forgiveness for her parents.


Yes, it was shocking, and she died screaming asking to be helped to her mother and father. It was very difficult to watch...

Thank you for visit and comments !


She looks terrified :-D


that is spot on, thank youuuu

I am enjoying the show as much as ever now. I read the books as they came out long before the show and think they did the casting exquisitely.

Getting lots of press and setting hbo records is going to draw some haters but I don’t even hear them.

That drawing is a journey as well with this post. The hands, hair, expression. All so powerful. Awesome!

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the casting director sure knows what they’re doing, for sure! thank you for visiting and comments ❤️

I hated Stannis and the crazy fire priestess ever since. lol


hahaha yeah, they are horrible people!!!

This is an intense drawing, with a lot of details and it looks good :) although it sounds horrifying that she got burnt alive 😱

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thank you : )

yeah! it was a horrifying episode!

Amazing drawing technique! Great work!

Stannis deserved what happened to him after he had her daughter burned alive! nice drawing!


Yeah, he really did! What a monstrous parent > __ <

Thank you!

Even if the drawing (which is awsome) talks for itself, the story behind it really leaves a mark. Nice job, you can really feel/see something in her eyes.


Thanks very much :D Very kind of you to say such things <3

The red queen is an elusive figure indeed. What does the Lord of Light want with humanity anyway? He seems like some kind of time traveller trying to fix mistakes in the timeline...


He really does seem like an enigmatic entity ! Maybe the biggest RED herring in the series??? XD


Oooh, touché

You are also a fan! That's sooo cool :)
I always admire people who can do something I cannot. But painters are like magicians. They create reality from something that is intangible...

I skipped some text, although I don't mind spoilers :)) And I look forward to see the next episode on Monday on Fox TV channel (prefer waiting for dubbing)


Yep! Has been a fan since first season :D :D :D

I also look forward to the next episode! It will be like the SEMI FINAL, and semi finals sometimes are better than the finals XD


Same as me 😁
And you are so right about semi-final, sometimes they are more exciting, and I think it is because after a good semi-final you actually see what will happen in the last episode.
Anyway, we'll see. 😉 I hope not to be so disappointed as I was after 1st ep.

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That's some incredible drawing, Lise! Love the execution, the energy and feeling behind it!! Bravo, my friend :) totally love it! Cheers!


Thanks, @manthos :D So kind of you <3 <3 <3

We haven't watched the final season yet ,so I didn't read very far in case we do decide to, but the drawing is amazing @veryspider and makes me actually curious to watch it. We don't currently have HBO though, so until that changes or if they ever put it on Netflix :/


Thank you, Donna :) We dont have HBO either but this final season gave us the right excuse to find a friend who has one XD


Thanks, Kieran !!! :D

Reminded me a bit of the Attack on Titans anime. :3


.......... yeaaaaa, i can see that, for sure !

GoT has had quite a few brutal moments, and Shireen's demise was certainly one of worst :(

Anyway, great job on the artwork @veryspider, especially on the greyscale :)


Thanks, Cogi <3 Yeah, GoT really had its 'darker' episodes, like when Oberyn went out, omg I was screaming XD

I don't think I'll be watching GoT anytime soon Spider ~ I'm a bit like Barbara there. But I do think your drawing is absolutely brilliant. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Thanks, Ally! <3

GoT isn't everyone's cup of tea and that's just fine :D

Love this.

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Thank you, Jaundre :)