Cosmo-Owl. Completed!

3년 전

Hi guys! And here is the finished sketch of a cosmo owl drawing, I finally added the part that makes it cosmic, it's the space itself above it, and the krill with different runes.

I haven’t been drawing such similar drawings for a long time, but now I think they will be again all the time, of course, soon I will buy pens of different thickness, so that it would be more convenient to draw various small details.

I hope you enjoyed this drawing! There will be many!

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That purple makes it looks so powerful. I really like the shading that you've done with the colors. And I love the detail of your owl. The feathers are spot on!!

Thank you for sharing! Have a lovely evening :)


thank you)

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Nice it turned out pretty good i can see that owl as a silver pendant.

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woah that's awesome! I love the color in it! Would make for a sick tattoo :^)