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Hello steemains!

I still draw extensive shadows to learn to generalize the details, but so far this has been unsuccessful. Today I started a large format. This is the size 55 * 36 mm. Those. it's almost an A2 format. The shadow, in my opinion, has not turned out yet. I really like the artist Alvaro Castagnet, and I want to get close to his style.





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If you like it don`t forget to follow me @voronenka! I am glad to see you on my page! Thank you for reading.

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bonjour, c'est magnifique tu devrais publier sur l'application @elegance ,elle est dédié aux publications artistiques, bonne journée


Merci pour vos conseils!

Wow i like this painting, so delicate, you have a new follower!


@noemilunastorta Wow! Can’t thank you enough!

Wow @voronenka, this is absolutely beautiful!


@lizelle You're very kind, thanks a lot!

Beautiful watercolor. And the bird view also.

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beautiful, as always @voronenka <3 love the light and shadow in this picture so much <3


@veryspider I'm glad you like my job! Thank you!

Your watercolour art is beautiful :).


@scrawly Thank you very much for the compliment:)

This is real talent
Very creative work


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I think it's just beautiful! The color, shadows and general mood remind me very much of Alvaro Castagnet. You're very talented!


This artist is my idol, but I have not even approached him even a little, although I try very hard, but you very accurately noticed him. Many thanks!

Очень красиво, хоть на стену в рамочке вешай! :))

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Спасибо:) Да ладно, какой там спам)) Поддержала вас, конечно!


Спасибо за поддержку! Благодаря ей я оказался в числе победителей, ура!!

Wow, I really like your painting, specially how you put the shadows of the tree over the wall.

What technique is that? oil paintins?
Fantastic work!


Many thanks, dear friend @yus808! This is watercolour:)


OMG!!!! doesn't look like! To me is like oil. hahaha I draw with watercolors too, but i'm not very good with landscapes, i think i need to practice more haha

Again, beautiful work! ♥

Как хорошо!


Спасибо, что заглядываете ко мне) Очень приятна поддержка из своей страны)

The shadows are really wonderful!


Shadows are not easy for me, so thank you very much for the compliment!

Beautiful watercolor painting, very close to Alvaro Castagnet's paint-style! I'm sure the shadows are not an easy task, though.


I, of course, are very pleased with the comparison with Alvaro :)) You are absolutely right, the shadows are not given me very easily. Thank you for your support!

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(@justatouchfey) ((.)ω(.))

I like the watercolor style, I haven't dedicated myself to using it, someday I'll decide.