🎨Landscapes and my cats on cellulose paper

3년 전


Hello friends!

I continue to experiment with paper from cellulose. I think I fell in love with her. It all turns out on its own. The paint goes where I want, all the tools listen to me. I am very pleased with her. I decided to draw a white color, so I chose my cat as a model. And also tried on this paper the spray of paint in the landscapes.



<<<previous painting

I am glad to see you on my page! Thank you for reading.

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Loved that one of the cats!!! 💙 🐈


@melooo182 I'm glad you like this!:)

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The cats are wonderful!!!! :-)))


beautiful paintings!


Your post is being featured on @artzone

Courtesy of @nmalove

Не знаю, влияет ли бумага, но результат мне очень нравится.
Особенно котики и берёзы. :)


Спасибо @eto-ka! Думаю, все-таки влияет бумага))) рекомендую очень на сайте 5krasok!

gorgeous stuff! What type of paint are you using?


@derosnec Thank you so much! This is watercolour:)

the paintings are beautiful, i love the paint of the cats, i would like to work with that paper someday, the work looks great there.


@francisftlp Thanks a lot! This paper is really very very good:)

Wow, @voronenka - you truly have the ability to pick up the essence of your subjects so beautifully.


@youhavewings It’s awfully nice of you:)

me encanta tu manera de pintar en acuarela ;)


Muchas gracias mi amigo @capui!

Очень симпатичные привидение


так))) кто из них привидение?)))) но спасибо)))

Lovely pieces, @voronenka ! You are a prolific and talented artist !!


@veryspider Can’t thank you enough:) You're very kind!

Excellent works of art, your mastery of the technique improves every day. I'm learning a lot with your work @voronenka.


The fact that you notice improvement is very important for me, because the effect is always more visible from the side. Thank you @timemaster!