🎨Landscapes on cellulose paper Baohong

3년 전


Hello all!

I bought a new paper from Baohong. I like it. It's really good paper.
Honestly, until this time I had an ambiguous attitude to cellulose: yes, there is such a paper, you can draw, but not all. But this leaf broke all my theories.
This is the A3 format, the texture is close to Rough, the paper to the touch is unexpectedly soft, I would even say velvety, unusual for cellulose.
The overall score of the paper is excellent. The softness of the fillings on the raw, the color does not change the intensity when drying. There was a feeling of almost complete watercolor permissiveness with this paper.



<<<previous painting

I am glad to see you on my page! Thank you for reading.

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Top art 🎨 skills, the second image looks amazing 👌

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Can’t thank you enough @kingcole84!

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Wow, this is very beautiful work, @voronenka ! You have a wonderful eye. Love them all!


@youhavewings Thank you so much!

Beautiful art work !!


💐@timemaster! Thank you!

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It’s so beautiful. Im really like it🍂

Truly beautiful work! Love the way how you let the colours become one in the paintings..the water seems so real!

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Have a great weekend!


@anouk.nox I am very grateful to you!


You're welcome!

Love these, @voronenka ! The colours are simply super beautiful and the detailing are wonderful... the way water froth and form around the rocks in the second one is simply delightful, but all three are gorgeous pieces <3


That’s very kind of you @veryspider!

Классные пейзажи


Спасибо @rucoin! Рекомендую эту бумагу из китая, она очень крутая, реально. И целлюлоза, и хлопок. Продается на сайте 5krasok