🎨Little Orthodox Church

3년 전


Hello everybody!

I continue to acquaint you with the landscapes of my region called Ural. Today I chose the place that my husband and I are passing when we go fishing. This is a small church. In the evening, when the sun comes, it looks like a very beautiful dark silhouette.




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Wow amazing painting with watercolors! Really like the watercolor effect and the blue feel. :)


@sanderjansenart 🌹 Thank you very much!

Superb painting again, bravo ;)
I think the technique fits well with those landscapes!


I wanted to make a silhouette:) Thank you @haedre!

Very beautiful :-))
In Russia, a lot of beautiful cities, suburbs, villages, lakes, rivers, forests and so on.
Greetings from the city of Aleksin :-))


Greetings from the city of Yekaterinburg!:))

Love the painting

Very nostalgic and harmonious.


@kathleenscarboro Thank you very much:)💐

color rhythm in the sky imagine. And it seems a postmeridian time. Wonderful work.


Yes, the sky was very beautiful that evening:) Thanks a lot @tanjir1990!

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Отличный пейзаж, просто превосходно


Спасибо, друг! Тренируюсь рисовать обширные тени, а то везде стараюсь напихать деталей, надо учиться обощать)

Russia is a huge and beautiful country :)


:) Thank you, yes, it is:)

Beautiful! Love the sky and the light a lot.


@artbynadine you're too kind:)

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A very good post. Art cool bro. I like.


@teukumirza Many thanks, friend!

Wonderful painting! I love the lights, on church and on both cars!


@amazingwoman Thank you so much!

Wow! I love the colors in the sky and the church with the cars!


@lymepoet 💐I'm glad you like this:)

beautiful atmosphere :)


Thank you dear Marty!

That is a great , i like that


@alhidayat Thank you for your support!

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(@justatouchfey) ((.)ω(.))