🎨Mountain landscape of Spain

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I bought new bright colors from the "Nevskaya palitra", which I had long dreamed of. It is a Russian company that began to make good colors. Very bright colors appeared in its palette. So I decided to try them in my work. That's what a Spanish landscape I got.





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I am glad to see you on my page! Thank you for reading.

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Похоже, что тебя хотят взломать! Не заходи по ссылке!




У чела акк заломали, похоже. Заходишь по ссылке, вылезает табличка. Нельзя вводить пароль!

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Beautiful landscape watercolor. An interesting composition as always you do.


Thank you dear @tanjir1990!

A beautiful set of paints, lovely green mountains!


You're very kind @adam-aj, thank you!

Don't give your password to anyone. That comment of realmeandi it's spam and you can lose your blog if you give them your password.


Thank you!

You shouldnot buy upvote when you have excellent work. In most cases people dont vote if you buy upvote.


Thanks for your advice @rifkan, I did not know this.

Oh heavens, the light and shadow so striking!


@donnadavisart Can’t thank you enough!

Una magnifica, potente y limpia acuarela en la que la profundidad está muy bien conseguida por la disposición de los diversos planos. La luz rasante crea una serie de contrastes valientes y la soltura de la pincelada hace ver que tienes , ya, un gran dominio de la acuarela. De todas formas las acuarelas siempre nos sorprenderán, haciéndonos ver que tienen vida propia.


@arcoiris, Dios, me has alabado por completo, me sonrojo, muchas gracias por una revisión tan detallada de mi trabajo:)

Buen manejo de las aguadas tienes una pincelada hermosa, te felicito estaré pendiente de ti ;)


Muchas gracias amigo! No puedo agradecerle lo suficiente

lovely as always, i really love who you use the colors <3
i must ask, how do you manage to make the sky so clean even though it is watercolor?
for me it is complicate to make a watercolor paint as clean as these ones ^^


Dear @edanya! I bought new colors in watercolors. Pure colors in watercolors - it's really quite difficult. But I found out that our Russian firm started to produce them, and I bought these colors. They are really bright. If you are in another country, not in Russia, like me, then it seems to me that it is easier for you to find very good colors somewhere on Ebay. Good colors and good paper are the key to your success. I'm serious about this.


that is good to know :)
soon, i will have to work with watercolor projects, to know that will help me :D thank you so much

Really beautiful