🎨My friend's portraits

3년 전


Hello steemains!

During the last three days I painted small portraits of the A5 format. One of them served as a postcard for the birthday of one friend. I paint on Chinese paper Baohong, which I recently discovered for myself. The paper is very good quality and not very expensive.



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These are really amazing! And I've never heard of Chinese paper Baohong, but I know some paper for watercolor is so expensive, so this is a nice alternative to know about! Beautiful work :)


Thanks a lot dear friend @lynncoyle1! Indeed, the paper Baohong is very good. Recommend it!


You're welcome @voronenka, and thanks again for the tip!

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I love your works with watercolor are really beautiful


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Oh these are wonderful, @voronenka ! I love how you capture their personalities and warmth so well <3 it's quite rare to see portraits from you, and these are gorgeous <3


@veryspider Thank you! :D On the contrary, it seemed to me that I drew too many portraits on the tape, so I decided to start painting landscapes!:D:D

I love the effect you get with the acuerela, looks amazing, and captured very well the movement in the drawing of the girl


@drupi You're too kind!

these are lovely!

Love the colors, and your drawings skill is marvelous ❤
Really get a sense of colors. Very nice drawing! Gorgeous art. @voronenka


@ykdesign Thanks a million!

Really cool portraits @voronenka! 💙🎨


@melooo182 I appreciate it!

Missed this for my weekly thread; you are a watercolor master


Oh, @twirble, I'm blushed:) Thanks a lot!

AMAZING artworks! <3

Looks great and bright. You are very talented.


@maxijgcomm Can’t thank you enough!

Both light, and lively, not to mention precise!


A million thanks to you @kathleenscarboro!