Somewhere in Spain ...

3년 전


Hello all!

Hello everyone, today I tried to make a landscape with a limited range. Specially took her photo, where the bright sky and everything around in the shade. But, in my opinion, the limited range at me not so turned out:D Here's what I got.

This is my photo:







<<<previous painting

I am glad to see you on my page! Thank you for reading.

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Beautiful lighting in this one.


@kathleenscarboro I liked drawing this lighting, thank you for noticing this!

So modern but still true to the photograph, I would totally hang this one up.

waooo what a work of art! it's wonderful, especially the reflection in the water is very well achieved, you're definitely great @voronenka


@timemaster and @voronenka that is really great work, especially the reflection in the water. Hardly people get to show that kind of work.


You're very kind @timemaster, thank you!

Beautiful. I like your technique. Lear many from steps. Thank you.


@tanjir1990 Thank you, you have a wonderful last still life with vegetables!

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So beautiful ! The lights and the water are so wonderfully done <3 Your watercolour skills never cease to amaze me * ___ *


Can’t thank you enough:)

watercolor always are light xD
but you gave a very good feeling in here, great work my friend :D
and personally i prefer more the paint than the photo, this last one looks more alive, maybe because of the bright colors? xd


:D Yes, you are right, dark watercolor is difficult to make and thanks for the compliment of my work @edanya!

Очень понравилось по цвету, эти розоватые оттенки. И свет фонарей, и как он отражается.

Не поняла только, на каменном постаменте получилась как будто сквозная арка. По фотографии там такого нет, барельеф какой-то, вроде.


да, я уж тоже потом заметила, когда запостила)) там слишком светлый блик, к сожалению, получилась дыра))


А, ясно, непредвиденный эффект. :)