🎨Spain with watercolor

3년 전




Hello everybody!

I continue to draw every day. My friend joked that my blue jumped from the palette, and now he is the main character. I also noticed that my watercolor palette is orange and blue. I'm trying to diversify my colors, but not so good yet)))





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Ты просто молодец, вообще шикарная акварель. Есть чему поучится

There's so much power in the first painting!

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Wow, thank you for sharing!

It's always a pleasure to see your artworks!

You are great @voronenka, and the sea painting, wow, never ever tried to paint sea or water, and this one you made is awesome done!

Nice! 100 %

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Волна - потрясающе!
И со столиками на улице очень понравился рисунок.

The wave looks very fresh and alive. And the street sketch is very nice!


The wave looks very
Fresh and alive. And the street
Sketch is very nice!

                 - prostosun

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So much beauty in one thread. Featured in this weeks "Twirble Tuesday" on #artzone

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These are amazing, @voronenka ! You are incredible with creating these pieces, they are simply beautiful and you are so prolific <3 I love the blue and the green and i think your friend got it right hahaha your blue just jumped off your canvases <3