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Hello all!

I suddenly caught a cold, and all week I sit with a cough and runny nose. So my drawing slowed down a bit. I decided to paint small landscapes. Russian and Spanish landscapes. My friend told me that I can not get southern pictures, I still get Russian, Uralic coloring. But it seems to me that the matter is in practice. So I do not want to give up and keep working.
Do you also think that I need to stop drawing other countries and stop at Russia?

I also decided to practice in a realistic transfer of material: wood, glass and metal.



<<<Here you can see the landscapes of Spain

I am glad to see you on my page! Thank you for reading.

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are those watercolors? love how runny it feels


You are absolutely right, these pictures are made in watercolor


love how sharp they are. i feel that's so hard to achieve in a medium such as watercolor where things can get runny...

wow, such depth, really great work. I think you should draw whatever you want! :D


Thank you for your support, I really appreciate this💐

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Wow, glad to see you again with your some of the tremendous work. Oh, I agree with @sumatranate last one is so special.☺


Thank you very much to hear this from a talented colleague!

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Вообще классно!!!!!!


Спасибища, друг! Ты всегда меня поддерживаешь

Your artwork looks incredible. The texture of the wood in the third image is my favorite. I hope you start feeling better.


Thank you for your support and concern for my health:)

These works were mentioned in @artzone Tuesday.


Thanks a lot!

Первая работа просто потрясающая!! Скажите, белые места на зонтиках это рисунок маскирующей жидкостью?

Текстуры тоже очень похожи, особенно дерево меня заворожило.


Вы совершенно правы, это она, маскировочная) Попробовала ее в мелких деталях

those practices are just so well done -
i love it, it is hard to keep the texture, nature and feeling of certain materials in a paint but you did it just so great -
also love those flowers too xd


You're too kind, thank you very much!

eres muy buena te felicito me encanto todo


Muchas gracias, amigo!

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Bravo @voronenka, that spoon is awesome, I think I couldn't do it myself so realistic. You really manged to show feeling of material that it's made off.


It's great to hear this praise from a professional like you! Thank you so much!

Estos remolinos sobre ese fondo texturado tienen la pureza del blanco níveo. El conjunto tiene una composición muy específica en el que una distribución radial de elementos se anidan unos en otros, creando un ritmo explosivo; como de fuegos artificiales. Saludos.
Por cierto en mi tierra, en La Mancha nieva poco. Para nosotros la pureza del blanco es un muro recién encalado al que le da el sol.